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Found 10 results

  1. Edit: I think I'm done with these for now, I might open for different kinds of requests down the line. I need to do more gesture sketches and anatomy practises, so I figured I could take some victims characters to draw while I'm at it. Just post some sort of ref or image and I'll try to get to you whenever I do a practise session. These are going to be artistic nudes, although not explicitly detailed. I'll be drawing these to random stock poses, so no telling what you're going to get. These will be done in around 5-10 minutes, will look terrible, and will likely not resemble your character much, but it's the thought that counts, right?
  2. Hello Everyone, It has been a long time. I'm willing to do small commissions with my phone. To make it as affordable as possible i will offer sketch commissions from my phone starting at $5 USD.The sketch will be monotone similar to the provided.in this post. While these are human examples., I am able to draw Furry as well and you may see more examples of my works at https://www.weasyl.com/~qtmelon I am willing to color them for an additional price but the max should not exceed more than $25 due to them being on the phone. All drawings will be SFW $5 Basic Sketch $8 - Flats $10 - Mostly Flats with flat Background $20 - Painterly with Flat background $25- Fully Colored and High Resolution Copy I may also offer coloring services at a later date... You may simply reply here, or via note/contact details on my profile Thank you for your time and consideration.
  3. Artist offering digital art starting at $10 USD for a single character sketch or 4X4" coloured icon. Watch your sketch take shape in a live drawing stream! (Streams are public and potentially NSFW)
  4. Hey there people! Lately I've been on a creative decline. SOOOO, to try and remedy that I wanted to draw some peoples stuff on the side when I have nothing else coming to mind! There will be no set order for who I will draw and no set number to how many I'll draw. It will be whoever strikes my fancy at the time and the way they will come out will vary depending on how inspired I am: from doodle to more of a sketch to something colored. These will all be SFW. I don't have many examples but you're free to check out my Gallery: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/vaerjo/ What I need: Ref Sheet(s): No more than TWO characters please. No Ref Sheet? No Problem! Describe it to the best of your abilities and I'll do my best.Characteristics: A little bit about their personality is always nice. I don't need their backstory. (but it's welcome)A Song: Your favorite song. Or a song that represents your character. Clarify which it is.Suggestion/Request: I MAY or MAY NOT use it but if I don't like what I'm making then you'll get your wish. Of course this is on my time. If your character is chosen you'll be mentioned in a post with your artwork. POST THOSE REFS!!!!!
  5. Long ago, in the Before Time, I played Draw Something with friends and strangers. Occasionally I'd think I did something semi-passable and get a screenshot of it. So I guess I'll share some of the more notable ones here. These were done on a Galaxy S2 or S3, with my sad sausage fingers. Starting off:
  6. Note: Cost can be made in points! 1$ = 100 points.I will be making an unlimited amount of Clean Sketches for 5$ to anyone! They will be fullbody and halloween themed(If you want soemthign else, let me know). Each sketch will cost 5$ minimum(Will only be raised if an excessive complicated character). Each extra character will cost an extra 1$. Sketches will look similar to the one here(Warning, I may try new things, so they may not look exactly): http://keyoto-thefox.deviantart.com/art/NEW-Updated-Commission-Prices-2015-550873734If you are interested, please note me with information on the character your wanting sketched, what kind of halloween theme(pumpkins, costume, bats, ect..Tell me what you'd like! : D).
  7. Commissions open! Sketches: $5, +$1 for each additional character, add $2 for a background Inks: $10, +$2 for each additional character Flat colors (digital): $15, +$5 for each additional character, add $5 for background Shaded colors (digital): $20, +$8 for each additional character, add $10 for background If interested please email me at pinkgeckoproductions@outlook.com Thank you!
  8. Types of Projects: Icons, full images, sketch-streams. Prices: Between $15 - $35+ Price list: Please note these are "one" character prices, see the 'Extras' section right below this one for fees and extra character prices. Sketches - $15 Example[NSFW] - Example - Example Inks - $20 Example - Note: Shown example is a two-character piece and is $30 versus $20. Full-colored image - $35 - Example 1 - Example 2 -[slight NSFW]Example 3 Character limit: 4. However anything over 2 will incur full character prices. 3 character full colored image starts at $88, while a 4 character full image starts at $125. Icons - $15 - Example Couple Icons - $25. These will come in FA 100x100, and a 300x300 size, and will be individually cropped for your use. Reference Sheets - $60 starting. This includes a front and a back pose, and if desired a mature view of the reproductive organs. An extra view of the character in a profile view will bump the price to $75. It will include basic information about the character that YOU provide me. (Name, age, sex, race, personality, likes, dislikes, etc) and a color pallet by default. Extra views will be charged depending on what they are, so please let me know and I will add the fee accordingly. Example My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic - $15 for one Pony, $25 for a couple. ExampleExtras I will charge extra fees for extra characters, complex characters, complex poses, and complex backgrounds. Extra characters are half the base price. Example; A two character full color commission starts at $52. $35 with one character, $17 for the second character. Complicated backgrounds will incur an extra fee. If you do not select a background it will either be a generic color box with a clear png behind it, or a generic scene. Slots: 10 Contact info: Main gallery: https://www.weasyl.com/~mander Email: OnionCreamChz@gmail.com I also post to the following: http://manderztehpanderz.deviantart.com/ https://twitter.com/ManderTehPander http://manderarts.tumblr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ManderPanderProductives https://inkbunny.net/Mander Commission Application Format Username: Type of commission(Sketch, inked, color, etc): Adult in nature?: Is it anonymous?: Reference sheet(s) (If sending via e-mail please include them as e-mail attachments, if from FurAffinity please use the raw link of the submission by right-clicking and selecting 'view image'): Background? If yes, what?: I also stream Monday through Thursday, 2pm-12am CST. https://picarto.tv/ManderDoodles I offer $15 colored, 1 character sketches $23 for 2 character. NSFW accepted. Some examples included above.
  9. Since sketchbooks are allowed now, I will start a art thread of my work. Feel free to critique and comment. I've uploaded this one already but I want to keep it in this post: A quick 3d sculpt of a Elite (Sangheili) in the Halo games: Also did this Charizard/ Dragonite hybrid dude: And a Wyvern like dragon 3d model for a video game I'm working on:
  10. It's another artist thread! Yeah other people are doing it so I figure at least I'm not the only person flailing my arms, trying to get some attention! I draw the usual Furry content, as well as some Pokémon stuff. Occasionally that may deviate, but not often. I'll preface this by saying that I don't draw anything pornographic, but there is nudity, and perhaps imagery that is arguably rather provocative, so anything like that, I'll just be providing external links for. I'm not really sure what the rules for this forum are in regards to nudity so better safe than sorry. For now, I'll just throw in some work that I'm personally fond of for whatever reasons in no particular order. Some might notice a signature/logo change at the end, that would be when I chose to take a new artist name, and decided to make myself a new signature as a result. Is an Umbreon This is a character of my own creation, her name is Faira, she's a Fox Lamia hybrid who enjoys hunting and beating up jerks Is a Lucario Tango the Dingriff, a hybrid Dingo Magpie character that belongs to another artist friend, done for an art trade Socks the Fox, another character that belongs to an art friend, this was done as a gift to said friend Is an Applejack. I don't draw ponies much at all. But I used to, this was meant to be something of a revisit to an older drawing I did back when I was into this kind of thing I only have two external links to NSFW/Vaguely suggestive looking images. This first being of my Demon Monkey character/fursona; Keira. The character in my profile picture. An adopted design, so not of my of my own creation. But she is mine and I love her. And the second being one of my more recent things, a Persian Pokemorph I guess I'll keep updating this thread as I do new stuff!
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