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Tune Into the Turnabout: An Ace Attorney Mystery Fangame

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I'm making a fangame. Ace Attorney style, so, I figured I show post it here since I'm literally crap at writing.

I'll post some things I have atm, and I'll update as I go. Feedback is appreciated.

[5:47:37 AM] Fen: Okay
[5:47:38 AM] Fen: Well
[5:47:43 AM] Fen: it's TECHNICALLY not murder
[5:47:54 AM] Fen: It was suicide covered up to look like murder
[5:48:20 AM] Gator: that's even stranger
[5:48:33 AM] Fen: So it happens at a radio station
[5:48:38 AM] Fen: in one of the studios
[5:48:48 AM] Fen: Said DJ is pretty famous
[5:48:56 AM] Fen: He's bright, happy, cool and quippy
[5:49:02 AM] Fen: Larger than life kinda guy y'know?
[5:49:08 AM] Gator: indeed
[5:49:17 AM] Fen: or well
[5:49:18 AM] Fen: he was
[5:49:28 AM] Fen: 5 months prior to the incident
[5:49:52 AM] Fen: He and his wife had an argument that left them feeling bitter for a long while
[5:50:06 AM] Fen: They did still love each other but the effect of the argument were still there.
[5:50:28 AM] Fen: And.. they got in a car crash while he was driving, and she was killed during it
[5:50:43 AM] Fen: And he blames himself for literally everything.
[5:51:12 AM] Fen: His co-DJ is a pretty oblivious gal. Nice, but doesn't notice under the surface.
[5:51:50 AM] Fen: She knew his wife died (she was at the funeral), and figured it was just that
[5:52:03 AM] Fen: She offered her condolences, but wasn't exactly a listening ear
[5:52:16 AM] Fen: So he started going to a therapist
[5:54:05 AM] Fen: Well, first he went to get a check and was diagnosed with clinical depression and was prescribed anti-depressants
[5:54:21 AM] Fen: Therapist tried to help, she did. But to no avail.
[5:54:57 AM | Edited 5:55:05 AM] Fen: In their last session, he hinted about his suicide plans, and she tried to persuade him to not do it
[5:55:19 AM] Fen: But he did it anyway, and she was completely wracked with guilt.
[5:55:47 AM] Fen: When he did it, it was during his morning show, so literally his entire listening audience heard.
[5:56:21 AM] Fen: His co-DJ immediately stop broadcasting, and manipulated the scene to make it look like she had murdered him.
[5:56:33 AM] Fen: To protect the good reputation and name he'd made for himself.

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