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So hey guys, sadly I do not write often, creating things is fun for me but alas, time and motivation are always in short supply. Luckily, I seem to have a knack for shorter things, it's rare I ever finish larger projects but I can write things to conclusion if it's never meant to be lengthy, some of my works that have actually ended have reached this point. Excuse the random posts as I dump some old works on here. Sorry if it bothers anyone but each one will get a separate post.


We start with this stupidly ridiculous one that is in no way serious. Honestly, it started as a writing challenge online years ago where someone gave me a prompt and I rolled with it:




One day princess Fifi the ferret and Oswald the otter were going for a stroll. Oswald was elated to be in the presence of the fair weasly maiden. Just then Oswald saw a field of flowers under a munster tree that was across the river. He sat Fifi on a rock "Be right back, Fifi". she nodded and with that he splashed into the river and traversed across the expanse of flowers to pick some as well as grab some munster fruit. 


Just then Oswald heard a scream and deep, malignant laughter. He dropped the flower bouquet and dashed across the river only to find some tousled and trampled grass where Fifi once was. 


Oswald looked up at Sally the sun "You saw what happened, it was the Evil Turtle, wasn't it?" Sally replied "I'm just a sun, I can't see or hear anything", Oswald narrowed his eyes at her "Don't play dumb with me was it him? It was, wasn't it?". The sun somehow managed to shrug which is hard to comprehend since it doesn't have arms. Oswald sighed, but even without the sun prompting him he decided it was the Evil Turtle because it could be none other than the Evil Turtle, so with that Oswald rushed to the rescue. 


Oswald grabbed the munster fruit as he began his journey. He went through scorching deserts, mushroom kingdoms, and tangled forests. All along the way he was confronted by the Evil Turtle's minions; the cold clouds.


He used every weapon in his arsenal he had, from simply jumping to throwing flaming munster fruit at his enemies, to spurts of pure invincibility. 


He even met the tyrannical turtle a few times on his journey, in which they engaged in epic battles. Oswald had always won, but alas, every battle ended where Evil Turtle would abscond with the princess and he would continue his journey. 


 But at last, after the perilous journey he came to the final battle. He stood before the loftycastle that housed the princessnapping villain. He took a deep breath and entered. 


He avoided every trap, destroyed every minion, found every power-up, until finally he reached it. The spiky stone doors that was their final showdown. 


This waz where the fate of the princess was decided, and it was all in his paws. with that he shoved the giant doors open to face his enemy. 


The doors closed slowly and eerily behind him with a loud bang. On the other side of the room, he saw the glowing eyes of the enemy. "Alright Evil Turtle, your reign of terror is over". Oswald shouted into the darkness. 


The Evil Turtle frowned, "What? What makes you think I took the princess?" Oswald narrowed his eyes "Because I didn't call you out on that, if you were innocent you wouldn't know what I was pissed about. And also..." Oswald's paw hit the switch and now in the light he could clearly see Evil Turtle with the rope-bound princess hung limp on his shoulder, Evil Turtle tossed the princess aside.  "Alright, you got me Otter, now let's get this over with!"


Oswald growled furiosly "You have nowhere to run this time Evil Turtle, this WILL be our last battle!" Evil Turtle laughed, "We'll see about that" and they fought.  


Evil Turtle laughed. "I have a secret weapon this time" With that he brought out a flamethrower and engulfed the room in heat, Oswald barely had time to dodge the blaze. Then Oswald was about to be tackled by a massive shelled body. He dodged that as well. It continued this way, with Turtle attacking and Oswald dodging, along with a few not very effective blows that Oswald attacked the Turtle with. 


As he fought, Oswald finally thought of a plan. "Come on Turtle, show me what you got! Drop the flamethrower!". 


"You cocky little runt! I'll show you what I got alright!" With that he bent his head down and ran full speed at Oswald. Oswald waited, timing it just right, then immediately he jumped out of the way and extended his leg, the Turtle tripped and fell on his back. 


The Turtke rocked on his back, but to no avail. He had been defeated. "Nooooooo! I should have never dropped the flamethrower!" He shouted. 


Oswald swooped up and carried the princess in his arms and absconded. 


They went outside. "Oh Oswald, my hero!" a free Fifi the ferret princess swooned, she puckered her lips to kiss him but he stopped her. "I'm sorry Fifi, but my heart belongs to another". He looked up at the sky. Sally blushed, which is hard to comprehend since she is a sun. "Oh Oswald, I had no idea you felt that way about me!" They prepared for epic closing story sloppy makeouts only to realize that a love between an otter and a sun was never meant to be. 



Here's something else...an old, depressing poem I wrote.

Some backstory; it's based on a character in my head, in a way I could relate to some of his feelings, so it was easy to write in a way, but entirely separate from myself.

I specifically left the 'she' in the story vague. That's up to reader interpretation. Who is she? Mother? Sister? Family? Friend? Girlfriend? 




He could remember a time long ago,

When his life wasn't filled with woe.

A time when people weren't filled with hate.

But those times were gone, and so sealed his fate.

He was just a kid no one dared talked to,

He wished he could make a friend, but he didn't know who,

People would watch him from afar,

They would whisper words that bruise and scar.

They'd whisper and they'd talk

They'd stare and they'd gawk.

Some wouldn't look at him and just walk past,

The complete and utter outcast.

He wondered how his life would have gone,

If he wasn't so closed and withdrawn.

The real him was buried somewhere deep,

Unable to awaken from it's sleep.

He wondered if he could end his strife,

If in his chest plunged a knife.

But her words rang in his head,

She'd be miserable if he ended up dead.

His life revolved around just one person, her and her consoling song

She made him feel that there was one place he could belong.

So despite seething words and mocking leers,

He did his best to make sure it all fell on blind eyes and deaf ears.

Most people acted in a mean fashion,

But she was just one who had compassion.

If a harsh word did get through his shield,

She would embrace him and make the pain yield.

But one day she took her last breath,

And she slipped into the world of death.

Suddenly the world fell apart,

And there was a hole in his heart.

He felt completely alone, as tears streaked his face,

He the only star, in an infinite black space.

The world seemed so different without just one person, just one.

The very person his life revolved around, his own sun.

He didn't know where to turn,

Inside himself, agony would burn.

His shield began to slowly fade,

His head filled with a gloomy shade.

Now no one to sooth his spirit, no one to comfort or lull,

Vile words would pierce, puncture, and prove fatal.

Now every icy cold glare,

Reminded him that no one did care.

No one knew his pain as he drowned in his own skin,

Life was a game he could never win.

He wanted to end it all,

No one would care about his fall.

Maybe if just one person, just one, had cared

His life would have been spared

Instead his life had lost all of its vigor,

So he pointed it to his head, and decided to pull the trigger


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Sad no?


Here's another depressing one. This one also vague, but the story behind it is based on one that made me cry long ago. Originally it was going to be told as a full story, but I finally decided to finish it, officially finish it...as a poem or song I guess. Perhaps give it a read before I shed meaning on it's meaning?

One of the threads here reminded me of this old story, so I decided to reawaken it to completion...or somewhat completion. It still has to be edited and revised. I probably wont even like the wording or anything when I'm done.



"Heads up, the fight will come"

"Train hard, you deserve my love when the battle's won"

From the beginning it was my only desire

To know that you'll be happy when I'm done


I did all that you asked

I've conquered and I've mauled

But as my victims lay still 

I shudder as my veins leaked raw


All I wanted was to please

But there's nothing in your eyes

Now I'm left here to bleed

Someday I'm going to die

(die for you, die for you)


Now the final battle will begin

All I can do is fight it until my last

Screams, shouts, beg me to win

But I'm left with fiery jaws at my throat

Now the fight is at end

I'm left in tatters and shreds

Bleeding, gasping, panting


I want to see, I want to see

See your eyes


All I wanted was to please

But there's nothing in your eyes

I'm left here to bleed

I'm left here to die


My body is broken

You shove me in a dark place

I'm a waste for being less than perfect

I'm nothing in my demise

The ride is long

Time stretches endlessly

Every bump intensifies the agony

I can only suffer. I cant see your eyes.

(I'm going to die)


At the end of the road

I'm nothing, you toss me aside

The harsh impact breaks me

I'm left alone inside


I'm going to die

I'm going to die


Suddenly, The world is opened,..and I see

I see someone's face, i see someone's eyes

(It's not you, It's not you)

Held in someone's arms my body rattles

Not in pain, but in delight.

With gentle caresses, i bleed, I gasp, I sigh.

(I'm ready to die. I'm ready to die)


All I wanted was to please 

Now I can see it in your eyes

I can drift off to sleep

(I can see the light, I can see the light)


The story is told from the perspective of a dog, a Pit Bull to be precise. The story revolves around a dogfighter training his dog to be a winner in the ring. Pit Bulls, one of the most devoted and eager to please breeds, are dogs who fulfill their master's wishes, and this one was no different. The narrative revolves around the dog being battered and bruised aiming to look up to his master and see him happy, only to never see that. It ends when he lost a fight, close to death. The response of the dogfighter was to put the dog in a black plastic trash bag, put him in his truck and drive away somewhere far. The trash bag was dumped off on the side of a road as if the dog was just garbage. In it's final hour, someone else finds the dog, pulling it out of the bag and holding it in their arms as it drifts to death, and the dog finally found someone who looked upon the dog with favor.

Based on an anecdote I read online that made me cry for real...I believe it was a true story someone wrote (but who knows on the internet), in which someone held a dying dog in their arms before it passed, probably the only compassion the dog ever got in it's life...

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