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Light.. (A short story, I think)

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Light. That is all you feel, you feel the warm glaze of light on your body. It's very pleasant almost like a warm spring sun. The warmth of the light fades and a cold darkness covers you. You can't breathe! It's choking you, you try to struggle but your body doesn't move. You struggle some more but again nothing, the pain is increasing you feel like your lungs are going to explode. The pain never ends, as you start to feel like you're fading away. As you are dying you come to terms with the fate you will meet, but that fate you did not meet. You still live, as your lungs are on fire you wish for the pain to stop. The pain goes on for what it feels like days or even months. Then it ends, you can breathe again but you do not hear yourself gasping for air or even breathing in the slightest bit, but you feel relief, as you see life again flashing past you. You realize why you were there, and what you have done to deserve this pain.

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Seems like more of a prose poem than a short story. Makes me think of drowning, or coming close to. Swimming to the surface and almost out of breath.

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