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Tips on making a Q&A site maybe?


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I'm not sure where to begin with this, I have an idea in mind but it's simply an idea, I want to make it happen. Nothing fancy, just something simple to link to people and get a point across. It will be mostly writing but visuals will help. Something of an informative site, really.

Last time I did 'web design', was in high school. It was mostly rather introductory, where I learned the bare basic mechanics of codings and tags. I know nothing really, I'm not an expert at all, nor do I expect to ever get into making web pages professionally or moreso aside from this one idea in mind.


(I can disclose the entirety of what I'm thinking but I'd rather keep it vague, I'll PM if anyone were to care to know specifics)


Anyways, since it's nothing fancy, I simply plan on looking for tips and advice, I doubt I have to do the whole thing from scratch, I'm sure sites like weebly or something are good places to start, I'm sure only a template is needed to begin anyways. Just as long as it's out there on the net for anyone to read and be linked to. Conversely I was simply just thinking a text document maybe, a .pdf file or something with a direct link to it might just end up being the simplest route. Clean and professional looking would be ideal, since the better it looks, the more seriously it can be taken.

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