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Criticism wanted.


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Hey everyone! I usually do requests.

Oh yes a few side notes! 

These are almost entirely all requests
This goes from most recent to last thing I did... I think a couple months back. 
The watercolor ones are my most recent works. I can't do backgrounds because my computer can't handle sizes that big. (I've been stuck on vacation and all I have access to are watercolor pencils and my regular pencils.) (So far I've been out for a month.) The digital ones have been done about a month ago.  I'm sure I can't sell the watercolor one, as it's still rough. I just want critiquing on those. (And I have a couple different plans for them once I get back home >.>) 

In any case I'll cut to the chase, here is my art, what do you guys think?: 




my_new_fursona___name_yet_to_be_decided_<(One of my non-requests)



another_request_by_tsunayoshi86-da505rx.taste_the_rainbow__inverted__by_tsunayos(One of my originals)



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Isaw the commision sticky topic lol
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I like your first image the most. If I might offer advice, I think that the neck is too short. It is useful to refer to an image of the human body/an anatomical reference when you are drawing, so that you can be more confident that your proportions are going to be accurate.


I know it's unlikely you'll read this comment, because this thread has lain inactive for a month; I am just replying in the off-chance that you browse by it.

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