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Dawn of Justice


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Didn't see a thread for this. Didn't look very hard, so if I missed it, sorry.

I wasn't really hyped for this one, particularly not since it was so close to Civil War, but I gave into curiosity earlier today while getting some shopping done and picked up a copy on dvd. It was the extended edition so it had all the extra scenes added into it. I skipped it in the cinema because I kept hearing it was terrible. Maybe only watching the extended version made it harder to see why people disliked it, because I didn't think it was all that bad. A little too heavy on the dark and gritty but if I'm honest it does come close to what I'd expect of such a situation in reality.

Numerous setups for Justice League, but at the same time an absence of some of the mainstays I expected in a movie about Batman and Superman. All in all I liked it, but I do have a few gripes/questions if anyone cares.

The depiction of Lex Luthor, while an interesting take on the character, doesn't strike me as someone who could pose a threat in a physical fight. Quite far from the usual drawn/animated version of Lex who at times fights his way out of situations almost to a degree you'd expect of someone like Batman. I also found him to be far too whiny and petulant, much unlike the charismatic and classy Luthor who makes such a great villain. Don't get me wrong, this version was alright in his own sense, but I don't consider him an accurate depiction of Luthor's character in the slightest and probably would have preferred a more traditional approach.

Batman. "No guns, no killing." His own words in the third movie of the Dark Knight trilogy, and the rule he followed as Batman all through them. Well, not so much here. He used guns, and he killed. I was a bit disappointed in that.

I also find myself wondering who the hell Lex was talking to in the ship just before the soldiers arrested him. Who he referred to when speaking to Batman from his prison cell. They've heard the bell, the god is dead, ding ding ding and so forth. All the villains I could think of that might fir the bill (Darkseid, Braniac etc.) don't look anything like the creature that was projected in the ship. Anyone got a clue on that?



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