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Complaints about Mirror's Edge Catalyst


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these are all my opinions. this is gonna be quite a text wall, also i'm sorry if this doesn't make any sense. i'm super tired and it's 5:30 AM. Anyways...

okay so after having played Mirror's Edge for a few hours i can honestly say it feels nothing like Mirror's Edge, like at all. The original ME gameplay was all about timing, whereas in ME:C everything flows together, but the problem with this "flow" is that it makes it feel like you aren't as in control as you were when you had to quickturn or jump at the precise moment. In ME:C the only difficulty in gameplay is knowing how to get to point B. It's incredibly easy to get lost or go the wrong way if you have Runner's Vision turned off, but if you have it turned on it basically holds your hand and guides you to where you need to go. Also, in ME:C the combat is MUCH easier, and you don't have much of an incentive to avoid enemies except for lost time. In ME that shit was like the plague the way you tried to avoid it. One more little complaint about ME:C is that wallrunning isn't in an arch anymore, it's a straight line. For instance in ME if you had to jump away from a wallrun, you'd time your jump at the highest point of the wallrunning arch (or whatever height you needed to jump), but in ME:C that doesn't matter because even tho you wallrun in a straight line, you gain height from jumping off of the wall.

I don't think the free-roaming aspect works at all either. I liked being able to replay segments/chapters of the game to see if i can do it faster, but now it just doesn't feel right, idk... i also don't know any of the speedrunning tactics for ME:C and i'm all too familiar with ME's (tho i'm terrible at implementing them lol) this is more of a minor complaint on my part and not on the game itself

My point is that it isn't a Mirror's Edge 2, it's its own game. This isn't a bad thing though, and the game wasn't even meant to be a sequel. Those who didn't like ME might really like ME:C.  It's not a terrible game by any means (unless maybe you analize its story).  Just don't go in expecting an ME sequel.


tl;dr gameplay has entirely different feel and i don't like it! *pouts* :v

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