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Book #3 Has Begun!


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I guess I have no real reason to start this thread other than, hey, I'm kind of excited! Finished my second novel about three months ago and am shipping that to agents/publishing houses. In the meantime, I haven't done much writing and it's making me antsy. Figured it was time for another book.

Well, that and I have a friend who has been working on a book for like three years and at this point I want to see if I can write/edit three in the time it takes him to do one. He's almost done with his first draft and I literally started my first draft today, but the odds are still in my favor.

Premise is GTA + Toy Story. A black pawn hates being a chess piece because his king sucks and so does everyone else. He's friends with a GI Joe character and thanks to some shenanigans, manages to sneak into a military base and steel a weapon. This weapon is a lighter and is the only "weapon" in Toyland that can kill. He then destroys his kingdom and proceeds to go on a drug-infused rampage throughout Toyland. At some point Cabbage Patch Kids will show up as secret mobsters because that idea amuses the shit out of me.

Aiming to make this a dark comedy. About 1300 words in so far, so that's cool.

All of the toys are spoofs on real ones so I don't get hit with copyright stuff.

Uh, yeah. That's about it. Idea is probably 100% unpublishable, but I've had it for like five years now and it's time I get rid of it. Plus, after my depressing horror novel, I need something stupid and fun where I can just make tons of shit up as I go and laugh. I hope this is that.

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