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(On the EM Drive, according to lots of different articles, it looks like they're going to try a lot of vacuum tests and possibly a space-test to see if it actually produces thrust or if its just some weird randomness coming from heat generation or whatever.) The other link is to information about a dutch scientist who is working on a new theory/hypothesis of gravity that involves a holographic interpretation of how spacetime works, its really neat, and could settle the dark energy/dark matter question, and possibly provide new insight to how black holes work.


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16 minutes ago, Snagged Cub said:

Interesting to read but does all this involve a corrupt space core since we're talking about SPAAAAAAACE?


No but if you'd like it to be I can link you to a website where you can press a button that makes the spacecore SPAAAAAAAAACE sound.

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PEER REVIEWED AND RELEASED EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i have no idea what any of it says but from what I gather they vacuum tested the EM Drive and it still produced thrust. Still need to do a space test to see if its up to snuff of what we'd need it for, instead of just orbital work, though.

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