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Continuation of Sketchbook


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Though i continue from where i left off from the old forums http://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/rt-mixed-sketchbook.130453/

Though i start here with some color practice from my firealpaca digital sketchbook.

EDIT: Links are broken in the old forums due to the change in photobucket.





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Adding a warning to what happened to the links in the old thread.
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Well glad to see you sketching!

Don't be afraid to use the tools offered to you.

If there's a way to mask a circle or square, feel free to use them. Learning how to use selections and masks are to your advantage. It's not cheating in the digital world because we have tools in traditional drawing that does the same. We have rulers, protractors, Put some conscious effort into what you're trying to accomplish when practicing. What is your goal in drawing these shapes, are you trying to make them accurate? Practice on making the shapes believable.


It's imperative to have a goal when you practice otherwise it becomes meaningless, you have to take care in practicing and slow down. It's okay to make mistakes but not thinking about how to practice or setting a goal can hamper your improvement.

Write down a goal for each study you do, what you intend to do with that study, and I'm sure you'll see better improvements.

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