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I Can't Actually Draw ("A Sketchbook Thread")


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Recently, I bought a stylus so I can try my hand at digital art and get better at it, primarily because I'm a cheap bastard that doesn't like to buy commissions. That being said, I tend to draw from time to time, usually of the same goddamn character to prove that still part of this fandom. The quality tends to meander a bit because I'm not too experienced in drawing in general and I can't come up with a single style that suits or interests me. 

A long time ago, @RTDragon challenged me to do a sketchbook thread -- reasons that I have forgotten -- but I didn't exactly have the tools to do so: I was either working in gimp with a keyboard and mouse, doodling into a traditional sketchbook(having most of the work being unfinished or smudged) or trying to do stupid stuff in MS Paint. 

I would hope to get better at drawing hands, feet, faces and the like. Learning a bit more about perspective would be nice as well.

All in due time, I guess.


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