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Shady neighbourhoods


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Fuck me, I've had my fair share of run-ins over the years.

Go to the store for smokes, and the shit hits the fan. Fuck me.

I've lived here for 27 years, my whole life, and it just keeps getting shittier as time goes on.

I don't walk to the store at night unless I'm stupid enough to get hammered first and run out of smokes, and I think I've learned my lesson a few times about just not giving a fuck and going to the store because you're out of smokes.

Bad idea, some shady fucking punk might have a can of bear spray handy for some fucking reason, you might get a bunch of wannabe fucking thugs that wanna shake you down, or you might get some crazy fuckhead that's just gonezo on god know's what.

BUT, if you look shadier than them, at least this is what I figure and it works for me, is like you have your hand as though there was a gun in your pocket, and you do that same kinda swagger-walk-bullshit -- generally, they'll just cross the street around you. Keep your head down, and swagger-bullshit-walk your way through lol. You need a good loose hoodie for it, though.

I fucking miss when it was just street-hockey around here.

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