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Windows tool for imaging a bootable HDD?


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Simply put, I'm setting up a server for our render farm, we are likely to buy more so to save time on installing the OS and all, I'd just like to make an image of this server's HDD, then bake it onto other HDDs, change the Windows key, change the static IP, and change it's network name so as to save time installing.  I don't need to use the server to make the image, I was just gonna pop the drive into a dock on my workstation to make the image, but what application in Windows is best to do this?

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If you have a number of computers that need to run the same image of Windows, you might consider a bulk license. IP can be done with MAC-based DHCP (i.e. set the DHCP server so that MAC address XX-YY-ZZ-AA-BB-CC always gets IP 123.456.789.000). Network name might be done via a script or Group Policy?

Of course all the info provided assumes some kind of enterprise setup. If you're just running consumer grade stuff that makes things a bit more difficult.

Granted setting all this up might take more time than just doing it manually, but at least the infrastructure will be set up already if you decide to update the render farm's image...

EDIT: And of course all that still doesn't answer your question which you'd still need to know >.>

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