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after 30 years the fulfillment of the deepest, most holy of all furry desires is upon us at last


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  • WALFTEAM changed the title to after 30 years the fulfillment of the deepest, most holy of all furry desires is upon us at last

Students in the remaining 20 counties would become eligible for an OK PEAK account if they attend a “trigger district” that has been found to have violated various state laws or has been found to have provided instruction in “gender identity and sexual orientation,” “climate change ideology including, but not limited to, disparaging the oil and natural gas industry or the agriculture industry,” “ideology that encourages efforts to defund the police,” “curriculum promoting a Marxist ideology,” or provided students with books that “contain obscene material.”


There is so much wrong with that bill. Even a pared down version of the bill would be bad for Oklahoma. I could see a pared down bill getting support in OK and resulting in worse education for the state overall (this seems to be a trend in multiple states right now too)

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g. The presence of any school employee or volunteer engaged in anthropomorphic behavior commonly referred to as furries.

This is just plain weird. How about employees and volunteers engaged in stamp collecting behavior? Or coin collecting behavior? Or rooting for a team behavior? Or Trekkies? Or Harry Potter fans? Or... you get the idea.

How the hell would they know?

Furry. Is. A. Hobby.

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Don't know why they called the school district a trigger district since it evokes gun imagery. Probably intentional. Politicians are quite skillful at finding stupid banal names for things, but not as skilled in getting legislation the 99% actually want. I can understand not wanting to teach marxist ideology, or provide pornography to children. I think banning that is acceptable.


But disparaging the oil and gas industry? These are obsolete industries and should've gone out of style with Victorian era dress codes and replaced with the nuclear energy industry, but certain generations saw Chernobyl and got spooked. Ideally, we would've been on thorium technology by now and put the nuclear waste problem to bed for good alongside mercury thermometers. A solved issue. Nuclear energy is vastly easier than trying to bottle a star and have it produce energy. Sure, it would be nice, but its perpetually 25 years away. 

Disparaging the agricultural industry? People need to eat, and politicians don't have real solutions other than banning things, and giving away the people's money.


Oh yea the public does not like the furry community. When they think furry they think of the worst aspects. Which are a really small subset.



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