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Apparently, I signed up in 2022 but ended up forgetting I did and it's been a full year as of November 3, 2023. Anyway! I'm Deshr. I'm 27 years old. I'm not good at intros. I've been wanting to interact more in fandom spaces as of late so here I am. I've been a furry for about 19 years at this point (I was lying about my age on those now-defunct forums until I was actually old enough tbh). Balto was my gateway media.

Anyway! I have tons of other interests such as occultism, the medieval period, the Renaissance period, HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts; have yet to do anything...mostly reading at the moment),  virtual pet sites, horror media, and dinosaurs (I like sooooo many). And a bunch more stuff I don't feel like typing out!

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