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Cintiq screen protector y/n?


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Is it worth getting a screen protector? Does it have any downsides? Are there any particular ones to avoid or look for?

I'm curious because it seems like reviews are pretty divided about whether or not the screen will ever scratch with normal use. Some people think it happens really easily while others never have this problem, and I've no idea if they're doing things differently or some are just unlucky. At least one that I came across ended up just peeling off the paper-textured cover built into the tablet and drawing directly onto the glass instead. Not that I have any reason to think experiences won't be just as mixed here, but still.

For the record I've no intention of getting one of the touch models. Probably just a 22HD and one of those desk arm things, because who doesn't want a weird arm thing on their desk.

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I've owned a few, all very well used. Just use a SmudgeGuard and make sure your screen is clean before using. NEVER USE CLEANER. Only use a little bit of water if necessary. Have a microfiber cloth on hand to get rid of dust before use or to dampen a corner of for cleaning. I've only had a few scratches on mine but that was after years of use and in some cases transportation.

Having it on a desk mount arm may also contribute to the cleanliness of the surface. Don't wear long sleeve shirts or jewelry when using one.

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I find the colors are a little different with a screen protector on mine.
I have to use a second monitor at times to do some color checking.

But at the price I had to pay for my Cintiq I thought hell may as well protect it if I can.
So far nothing bad with is, the pen works flawlessly and other then a few air bubbles that were worked our in time it's just fine.

I didn't notice the slight color change until comparing it with my other monitors and peeling up the screen protector to fix the air bubble issue.

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