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Love Live School Idol Festival is Ruining My Life


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So, this game is a rhythm game of the Japanese variety. And if you know Toshabi, Toshabi LOVES rhythm games. Especially ones Touhou-esque where the game literally has explosive diarrhea when it comes to note generators. Sure, at first I thought this game was stupid weeb trash that was borderline loli and I ignored it for a good 6 months when all my friends were playing it. But then I went to a particular convention where a very KYAAAAAAAAAAAA, SENPAAAAAAAAAI~ lady approached me and gave me a brochure, download code and demo of the game. The music is so incredibly Japanese and weeb as heck, BUT IT WAS CATCHY I DON'T KNOW WHY IT PENETRATES MY EARS IN SUCH A WAY BUT IT DOES.  So Toshabi played it. And played it well he did. I've snuck it in throughout the work day, ducking out of meetings. I've played it randomly at 4 am at night.  I've gone nights were I've passed up the chance to have sex because there were events going on and I wanted to get a SUPER RARE NICO-NICO CHAN FOR MY TEAM.

But over time, all that thumb moving and intense note hitting and loli-waifu beating starts to burn out your hands. And goddam, my hands HURT! And it's all thanks to this stupid game I can't stop playing. FffffffffffffffFUCK! I am weeb trash but I don't know it nor do I want to admit it, but I'm going to keep on continuing to play this game until my hands fall off. And this isn't a good thing because I really enjoy having hands. I KNOW THIS GAME IS FUCKING WEEB TRASH AND IT'S STUPID AS HELL BUT I CAN'T STOP PLAYING IT CAUSE IT'S A FUCKIGN WELL MADE RHYTHM GAME AND THOSE ARE IN SUCH SHORT SUPPLY IN THIS DAY AND AGE!







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