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Fox Rambles 5: SJW Rant and More FFVII Dribble!




Good morning, friends!  I’m back once again to talk about my obsession: Final Fantasy VII; namely the Remake.  We all know about those quirky scenes of Cloud cross-dressing, the Gold Saucer date with Barret, and various other parts that some fans are absolutely in love with.  But, what if I told you that Square Enix may take out some of those scenes?  If a certain interview is enough to go by, then we may not see the Honey Bee Inn, or even Wall Market, at all.  Naturally, this is where I point the finger at a certain group of Tumblrinas: The Social “Justice” Warriors.  About a month and a half ago, I was scrolling through the FFVII tag, finding reblogable pictures and text posts, when I come across an SJW’s blog.  They, much to my absolute frustration, say things like: “I hope they take out the Honey Bee Inn entirely!” and “This game is sexist!”  That statement makes no fucking sense to me.  How is Final Fantasy VII sexist?  Is it because Aerith dies?  First off, using a character’s death as an excuse wave the sexist card is an asshole thing to do.  Secondly, do they even realize that Aerith, in a sense, comes back in Advent Children?  I mean for fuck’s sake: She even helps Cloud in the movie!  SJW’s in general, if you guys haven’t guessed, piss me off.  It’s because of them that the newest Dead or Alive game will never have a US release.  But, I digress.

On a bit of a happier note, I found something worth thinking about.  I saw a post on Tumblr about a prediction for the remake:  Will there be perks/incentives to using characters other than Cloud?  For those of you who are currently out of the loop, the FFVII Remake will feature the ability to switch characters amongst your current party.  You can play as Cloud, or either of the two other characters you chose for your party.  So, will there be any perks or incentives?  Personally, I hope so.  For example: Red XIII is faster than the others because he’s quadropedal, or perhaps Vincent has some sort of auto-dodge perk, or Aerith has some sort of ability that ups the effectiveness of healing items and spells, or that Cloud is a “Glass Cannon” that deals tons of damage.  I would love to see what Square’s gonna do with this feature.  Anyways, that about wraps it up for today.  I’m curious though: What kinds of perks and/or incentives would you like to see in the remake?  I’d love to read your thoughts and opinions!  Next time, I’ll try not to talk so much about VII.  Peace out!



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