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  1. Today I was at work, I saw this woman looking at sunglasses with her little girl, she very loudly proclaimed "You cant have that! You're a girl! That's for boys!" Suffice to say I was internally enraged! Part of me wanted to say loud enough to hear "GIRLS CAN STILL LIKE BOY THINGS AND BE GIRLS!" That sort of attitude, restricting your children from loving something they enjoy, simply because it's not assigned to their gender, is toxic! It's so awful and it made me sick to hear. A girl wearing blue spiderman glasses isnt suddenly going to become a lesbian or something... Ive noticed when I get flashbacks of abusive behavior I observe from others, my skin starts to shiver, I get really anxious, I feel a sense of pain just seeing what that parent said to their child. This isnt the only time, Another time a man came in with a girl, presumably his niece, it was on Valentine's day, she wanted to buy her love interest something special. She tried grabbing teddy bears or candy or something, he insisted that that was an awful gift to give her male crush. Luckily when he asked both me and my coworker, who are male, if we would enjoy receiving such gifts, we both said we would love that. That kind of made him change his mind. But the entire incidence came off as aggressive, he was vert loud and forceful in what the girl should do, the girl seemed as if she was on the verge of tears...I got the impression that the uncle was a very forceful person. Overall, the incident gave me the same chilling feeling...and I felt like I really wanted to ask her if everything was okay. So many other times passed with my guilty inaction...the woman crying as I walk past her, or the man I couldnt give money to. Things I couldve said or done to make a different. Events like this frustrate me! I spend much of my time as an SJW would, complaining of the nature of the world, and yet when confronted in the real world with a problem, I am frozen silent, watching before me as something terribly wrong happens. I only hope those children and people are okay in the end out there...
  2. As things to complain about, this is probably one of the dumbest. But this heat seriously bothers me. The southern part of Canada I guess doesn't even get that hot, but I appear to have an incredibly low tolerance for heat. Not only does it make me uncomfortable, it can make me feel downright ill/panicky. I can handle it at work it appears. I've yet to literally pass out and have only felt the lighter effects of overheating, especially now that I'm better equipped. And I can kinda compartmentalize it for the time I'm outside working. (I typically work 4 hour shifts, outside, most of the time at the hottest part of the day.) But at home I need to be able to relax. And I can't stay inside all Summer. Sometimes, really wish I was moved further up North. Like, this is factoring into my future plans for careers, schooling and such. This heat is one of the worst things I've ever encountered, in my opinion.
  3. okay, this has been gradually annoying me further. first of all, in the late sixties, night of living dead was made, and this depiction of violence onscreen made people see what else they could get away with, like depicting rape (which the movies i'm ranting about were missed by several years). so, depicting rape in a movie nowadays, forty-five years after their first depiction is nothing special, and thus movies invented solely to depict rape are not "special", meaning remakes of this and last house on the left (which itself has two remakes, more or less) removing any justification to remake them to begin with. so going back a while, even the original i spit on your grave was a bearer of obvious problems, even the tagline "this woman has killed [number] men, but no jury would convict her" - this is obvious bs. someone who went back and murdered people who did some wrong weeks or months ago is clearly guilty of pre-meditated murder. even if she killed them in self-defense, some juries would question how she needed to kill a group she overpowered all by herself, or how she would've know they intended to rape her, but besides noting the movie's mindset was very goofy from the time it started. but the issue is with these clearly pointless remakes and how they manage to be even more ridiculous than you'd expect in the 80's, there wasn't as much political correctness so portraying a retard as an evil person was accepted, the remake changes this with ridiculous results. in the remake, the retard member of the group is literally forced to have sex with the female victim who gets treated as a victim - the others would've slit her throat otherwise -and is shown to be absolutely devastated afterwards. somehow, being forced with have sex with doesn't seem to make him a rape victim since the movie reverts to following its predecessor and she murders him along with the guys who are actual rapists. it should be noted, the director, even in the syfy movies he made, did include much more character depth and such than you'd normally find in a modern movie, so that he intended to portraying a rape victim (woman, not retard) as becoming a villain. i wasn't convinced, but it was possible note: despite the first director being a massive feminist, he knew that to get the audience to empathise with someone who commits horrific murders. the remake? near everything happens to the protagonist offscreen. then there's the second movie in the series, which iirc shares a director with the remake, isn't so much a problem - the rape victim from this movie is't unsympathetic, except for a bit when she reports her rape but doesn't even her mention her friend who was murdered trying to protect her. i'd even ignored that a female leader of a human trafficking ring (the franchise's one female villain) gets to live and get off scott-free, until now, but- i recently the promotions for the third movie airing on tv firstly, the detestable protagonist from the remake is back, still going on about the group she killed deserved it (even the retard who was forced to have sex with her it seems) second, there's a cop saying about how it has to proved that perpetrators are guilty of rape before being punished, and brace yourselves i'm not making this up the cop has Hitler's hair HITLER'S HAIR what a brilliant, mature statement about those who argue people accused of rape aren't automatically guilty. and yes, this retroactively makes it much more likely for the remake's attitude the man forced to have to sex with was commiting rape by being forced to have sex was exactly as it appears on the surface. can't wait until i spit on your grave movie 4, where i'd assume they have the protaginist rape a man, then kidnap and torture him for months for being raped.
  4. Why do I keep doing guard and involving myself in the marching band and winterguard world? I'm not even a music student because I'm a terrible musician. The last time I did marching was with Texas A&M Commerce in 2015, for guard, a show that, while great, didn't seem as amazing compared to their 2014 and 2016 shows. I never did guard in high school, and compared to other people my age (20s), I'm not even that great at guard. I've never been part of a winterguard, there's no guard close to my hometown, and the four guards I actually would LIKE to be a part of (CGT Dallas, CGT Fort Worth, Lake Area Independent, and Spintronix), are all too far away, with the CGT's being the closest at two-three hours away for a non-driving student. Even if I was, I wouldn't have the money for it, which is why I wasn't able to perform with Commerce in 2016. Don't even get me started on wanting to do DCI. And so I keep asking myself, why do I keep spinning? Mostly, I guess, because I love it. Even if I can't perform, it's still a hobby to do, and I would like to teach at my old high school one day if I can. tl;dr : I watched TAMUC's 2016 show finally after avoiding it and I feel depressed because it's so amazing and I could've been a part of it but I wasn't able to because I'm poor.
  5. warning ahead of time, this probably gets more and more incoherent as it goes along because i'm about to be late for work or something :^) don't read if you don't like jumbled depression garbage. my whole existence is a big, hi-larious joke. it's just been one thing after another, some weird mix of snowballing into a huge clusterfuck of issues and being stuck, unchanging, stagnating while all those issues just fester and rot me from the inside out while i'm unable to do anything about them. what the hell do i even do? every time i think things are changing for the better, everything comes to a screeching halt and instead of getting better, they just get worse again. because that's what i need, to add another stupid problem on every time i take a step, never mind the fact that i can't tell whether i'm stepping forwards or backwards. because it's probably neither; at this rate, i'm just running in place and making myself sick. the best and funniest part of all, though, is seeing things i never had a chance to get being given away freely to people around me. seeing a younger sibling get things that will set her up for independence in the future, from the same people who laughed at the very idea of giving those things to me when i was her age. and i'm damn glad she gets those things, don't get me wrong, but how the hell do you expect me to congratulate her when i'm fucking shaking over here remembering what happened when i tried the same shit over ten years ago? when your sixteen year old sibling is doing better than you are and you're only getting closer and closer to 30, something's very wrong. and everyone around you knows it and will take any opportunity to rub it in; they're never going to let you forget it. i think i really am about to just give up. i don't know what that means yet, but i feel less and less like what i'm doing is worth anything. every day i wonder why the hell i'm here, why i'm bothering, what i'm working so hard for when nothing ever changes anyway. and that's just it: nothing. it's all for nothing. nothing is ever going to change if i stay here and try to work hard in the conventional way, because i don't have the conventional background to make it work. i don't have support from peers and family members. i don't have experience or money. i don't have an ounce of charm or talent in my broken, worthless body. so why am i trying to do the things people who have all of that do? i think it's time i accept the fact that i'm not a real person, never have been, and probably never will be, so i should stop trying so hard to play like one. just go for a walk one day and never come back, find my own way, do shit the "unconventional" way because apparently i'm just so gosh-darned "unique" and "unconventional" and SPECIAL!! all bullshit code for broken and abnormal and incapable of functioning like a proper human being, of course, but hey, you have your own special talents! except those are more like hobbies that you're not actually very good at, that you couldn't make a living off of, that you constantly hear mixed messages about: oh you're so good at this you should do X for a living i don't know why you're wasting your talent doing things that are beneath you when you could be doing something with what god gave you, vs this is so childish and stupid it's not a real job and you're not good enough to make money off of it, you need to find a more realistic path to follow. what the hell path is there for me? i don't fit in anywhere. i'm not good at anything. my dreams are stupid. i'm stupid. i think i'd be better off just living alone in the damn woods or something, but hey, i've also got medical problems and chronic loneliness. i'd die in a week. but i guess that's just what i'm destined for anyway.
  6. OK this actually changed a fair bit ago, but I was reminded of it again and how it irritated me. I use No Script on Firefox and one of its delightful features is that you can middle-click any of the scripts it tells you its blocking and it will bring up a Security and Privacy Info page on the script. Generally unneeded, it is nevertheless very useful when a site can't function without certain scripts and you have to pick through to see which are functional and which are trackers or ad-related, or even down-right malicious. The page is just a hub with links to other services that have evaluated the script or the site it comes from and tells you about them. Most of them are super basic and not very helpful. The go-to page for me on that info hub was always the My WOT page. My WOT (Web of Trust) has/had a robust community of skeptical and technically apt users that provided comments and ratings on these scripts/pages that are very informative and aggregates them in convenient score graphs making it easy to tell at a quick glance whether one should be suspicious of the script or not. While it didn't have perfect 100% coverage, it was great for finding the worst of the big privacy-violating scripts or telling when something was just collecting metrics. Not long ago, however, No Script ceased including My WOT on their hub page! I miss my easy link to it! It was replaced with some other fairly bland and uninformative site that thankfully happens also contain links to several other services including My WOT. So yeah, tl;dr my rant is that I now have to click through a single extra page to learn whether a script is worth enabling
  7. Mozilla, evermore concerned with change for the sake of change, has decided its time to change its branding. They're asking for the community's opinions and frankly I find each of the designs appallingly ugly: https://blog.mozilla.org/opendesign/now-for-the-fun-part/
  8. I rant about a person who kinda destroyed my fun in primary school. So it was a girl who kinda bullied me. She always was rude too me and was nagging like a old grandma and even her was horrible. She was rude to me because my pencil case was messy . I always said to the teacher and my mother that she is rude to me but that bitch didnt stop , than i went to another primary school. After some years , when i was 13 or 14, i invited her to my birthday because i thought she changed. Yes well she was the whole time silent and didnt say any word. hmm. After some year , i decided to visit her and it was a mistake. She is still had the same bitchy cunty personality. We swam in a pool of one of her friends and she was cunty to me(again). And a small tear rolled out of my eye because i felt hurt. She saw that and nagged:boys dont cry. I was pissed off because of that. Well when i went home, i was so happy that i was home. Her father died when she was little and she only has a mother but i don't think someone could turn into such a asshole because of that. I have a other friend who lost her father but she is really nice to me. ----------- I have no contact to her. Why should I, i have other friends who treat me with respect and I treat them with respect. I have no place in my friend circle for a cunt like that. Tsk
  9. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH So let me paint you a picture. you just had a long day and can't wait to go to bed. You lie down on your bed and drift off to sleep. Suddenly, you wake up. You're fully energized and ready to take on the day and then you look at your clock and see you only slept for 30 minutes. I hate when this happens so much. I have a hard time going to sleep as it is. But when this happens I feel fully energized.so that makes it harder to go to bed. Why does this brain do this to me? Does it just pick at random when I wake up because that feels like that's what's happening.
  10. My bank rejected my payment to Kickstarter for Fox N Forest! D8< I got it corrected, thankfully Kickstarter allows 7 days to correct these kinds of problems. The bank rejected it because I didn't respond to an 8:25am text stating that it wasn't fraudulent. Why does this always happen when I try to make payment to German companies?! (Fox n Forest's makers are German) They're not Nazis anymore, Bank! Get over it!
  11. Wasnt going to post here to avoid weirdness but fuck it My parents suspect Im trans, Ive denied it several times and been dodgy with questions by uttering half truths. Had they never found anything out I would have been content leading a peaceful double life, letting my parents see me as they want to and living my life as my own and those around me knowing it. since they know though, it isnt easy. my mom sent me my birth certificate in the mail along with all manners of other passive aggressive things including a Gender Identity Disorder pamphlet from "Parents of Gays and Ex Gays" and women's deoderant. ive been too scared to read the notes sent with them. ...Ive said before, but Im starting to think Ive messed up too much to live the peaceful double life intended, I may have to officially come out...Im just...not ready though. I want to wait at least until the family vacation is over to avoid awkwardness and after my legal name has officially been changed. hopefully it wont be long. maybe instead of having them tell me things like "you have a choice" "can a dog become a cat" "you are beautiful" "you need better self esteem" "satan has taken ahold of your life" etc. ilI can finally tell them everything I have suppressed for so long, pour everything out there, and admit everything, set the truth free, so to speak. if being the way I am is wrong, I cant possibly be right. Regarding the family reunion, best case scenario is we all avoid that part of my life and have a good time, worst case is they stage some sort of intervention in front of my extended relatives and I get put on the spot. i simply dont know what to expect, but Im going to stick to my extended family more since they know the least about this and itll be less weird. these past few days Ive felt awful for calling myself a guy or trans, falling back into feeling Im nothing but a dyke, that Im not a real man. The evidence is all there. the last thing I ended with to ease the pain was, in the end, Im myself. im not going back to being forced to present as everything I dislike. Having the expectations I was born to have based on certain traits. im doing this for me. im wearing clothes I feel good in, putting chemicals in my body to alter my appearance slightly and have a nice, deep voice and not a annoying whiny one, Im getting a name befitting of me, and Im cutting my hair. all of these qualities, despite lacking the genital and chromosomal traits, are me. it eases the discomfort, the apathy and indifference. it feels better and right, not meh. its a compulsion and drive to be more than here. To the world this is a man. To me these make me a man. im a man by those definitions. My mother told me "if you are unhappy, you change what you can, and accept what you can not" and that is absolutely, 100% what I am doing sorry to rant, Im just having a bad time...and scared.
  12. A bit of a side rant, I had a schedule planned out for today...turned out I overslept til 12 so I decided the first thing Im going to do (after a half hour power shower and miscellaneous morning things) was to start doing house chores for once, a task which pretty much took up the middle of my one day off, from 1 to 3:00. Although...I finally cleaned miscellaneous things so thats a damn accomplishment Meanwhile, these two housedwellers have been crouching around me the entire day, hovering around me while I spray the bathtub, just staring. How the frick are you two so amused? Its literally the most banal shit ever Must be nice to have your most basic needs met by a higher species for the rest of your life so you can lay around and watch things get cleaned for your entertainment Gosh, it sure is entertaining to observe human behavior, how odd
  13. Just need to vent for a bit because had an awful day yesterday, ha. Lease came up in old apartment, because they decided to bump up next year's rent by like, three hundred dollars, so nope not gonna do that. Our original choice of apartment that we were going to move into had a watermain break, flooding the room that was reserved for us, so we got set back by about a week (thankfully they refunded all of the application fees and stuff.) So we end up going with our second choice. Its not all that bad, pretty cheap for a ground floor, and we rent a uhaul and spend literally the entire day moving furniture and our stuff down a flight of stairs. (I own like, six crates of books that each are around the 90 lb range or so because half of it is my mother's library and the other half is stuff I've gotten or bought <.<) Outside of my limp noodle arms and back pain, we managed to get everything loaded, more or less, though we had to drop the uhaul truck back at the depot and grab my room-mate's car in order to have enough room for everything. The problem was that we had to go back to the depot, figure out a way to shuffle more stuff into it, and then head back to the apartment and fill the last of it. Naturally it started raining, with wind and lightning everywhere, and all of our coats and spare clothes were in the uhaul already, so we had to wait a few minutes for it to let up before heading outside in the rain. Whooo. And because our second choice apartment was waiting on money in order to actually start the filing process, we had to skip back to his dad's house for a day while they find an apartment and prepare it. Awesome. Other than that, whoo its a lot cheaper than we were paying, and a ground floor to boot. Then we get to move everything back out of the uhaul truck, set up the electricity and internet, and not move for an entire day!
  14. Too many sad songs are about love. Thanks for finding some that aren't.
  15. I don't know about you guys, but I'm plagued with bloody noses. The most common time I get them is when I'm sleeping or trying to sleep and those are when they're the worst. My brain is yelling at me for waking when I wasn't supposed to while I'm desperately trying to stop the bleeding. It's not a pleasant experience.
  16. Milling around the shops waiting for dinner and take a look in the only bookstore in shopping center. It's no 3rd rate place; a well decorated 2-story place fitting to the surrounding stores. But what do I find inside? Mountains of trash-tier books, rows of blah Sci-fi, cheezy fiction, and dine novels. Massive sections dedicated to magazines, multimedia, toys, and board games. An ice creamery. Pop music wafts through the air. I find an computer section composed entirely of "For Dummies" and a few video game strategy guides mixed in (in fairness, a few interesting video game art books were among them.) Tucked away in the back is 3 short-shelves of very old science books sprinkled with obvious junk "science" mixed in. Along side it sits nature section with no books on foxes (the horror!) The business section reeks of "get rich quick". All of them combined are smaller than the manga/comics section. Lastly, I find an anemic art section dominated by same-y coloring books. A single shelf of art appreciation including the likes of "The Big Book of Breasts". A paltry selection of entry-level art instruction books with two different books on drawing in the "furry" style:
  17. My nose is all stuffed up. My eyes are red from itching them so much. I'm either coughing or sneezing every 5 seconds. I feel like a goddamn zombie. I fucking hate allergy season.
  18. Just this morning, IHE posted a video about yet another copyright issue. After watching it, it’s become excruciatingly apparent that Google, the current owners of YouTube, don’t give a flying fuck about the content creators. This supposed company called Merlin CDLTD has posted three claims against IHateEverything, and hundreds more against other creators. If you Google that name right now, you’ll see just how problematic they are. Merlin is abusing the broken ass claims system that Google has put into place. It isn’t a machine that’s posting these claims; Merlin themselves are going out of their way to mooch off of the YouTube ad revenue. They’re making these false claims, by hand, to screw everyone over. If you’d like to see IHE’s video, here it is: This is where I get fucking angry. Despite everyone screaming at Google to fix their shit, they’ve outright refused! What the fuck is wrong with you, Google? The claims system, which we all knew was highly flawed, is being abused by corporate shitheels and lawyers who don’t know a goddamn thing about fair use! And you’re sitting on your lazy, fat asses, doing nothing about it! What the hell is it going to take to get you fucking dumbasses to actually fix it? And I bet you’re wondering why Doug Walker spent most of his time on Blip; it’s because you fucking slackers are too fucking stupid to fix this abused claim system! The only way to stop this blatant, and illegal, abuse is to actually do something about it! I swear... That’s enough from me, guys. What do you think of all this bullshit? Let me know down below.
  19. As a nerd in a wheelchair, I just don't understand the appeal of sports in general. What's so fun about a bunch of sweaty dudes in tight pants, smacking the shit out of each other? Well, I do see an appeal to the gay crowd (*wink wink nudge nudge*). But what about Nascar? It's a sport where people drive insanely fast, crash, and potentially make that date with death. Why would someone be excited about a death race? Hell, why would someone want to watch fathers, sons, and nephews get severely concussed? I just don't understand it! Why do people watch that shit? Why did the human race even invent the concept of sports? If you like sports, that's okay. I just get seriously frustrated when I try to wrap my head around why. Again: It's fine if you like sports. Hell, I find myself fascinated by soccer and baseball every once in a while. I'm just saying: I really don't think Nascar or the NFL are any good to begin with. I'm curious now: What do you guys think about sports? I'd love to know.
  20. The Classmate that wanted to suicide is a fucking cunt and insults everbody for no fucking reason. On friday this little stupid piece of satans cum went to far , she stole one of my classmates 10 euro and she also has 60 euro from another classmates. But tomorrow this little piece of shit will get noscoped because one of my classmates called the police and the police comes tomorrow and she will learn a lesson. She even said everyone who eats pig meat is a pig himself. She has not our religion. Well , how can someone be so twisted to destroy the relationship with her classmates , this bitch is mentally unstable to the MAX.
  21. Good morning, friends! I’m back once again to talk about my obsession: Final Fantasy VII; namely the Remake. We all know about those quirky scenes of Cloud cross-dressing, the Gold Saucer date with Barret, and various other parts that some fans are absolutely in love with. But, what if I told you that Square Enix may take out some of those scenes? If a certain interview is enough to go by, then we may not see the Honey Bee Inn, or even Wall Market, at all. Naturally, this is where I point the finger at a certain group of Tumblrinas: The Social “Justice” Warriors. About a month and a half ago, I was scrolling through the FFVII tag, finding reblogable pictures and text posts, when I come across an SJW’s blog. They, much to my absolute frustration, say things like: “I hope they take out the Honey Bee Inn entirely!” and “This game is sexist!” That statement makes no fucking sense to me. How is Final Fantasy VII sexist? Is it because Aerith dies? First off, using a character’s death as an excuse wave the sexist card is an asshole thing to do. Secondly, do they even realize that Aerith, in a sense, comes back in Advent Children? I mean for fuck’s sake: She even helps Cloud in the movie! SJW’s in general, if you guys haven’t guessed, piss me off. It’s because of them that the newest Dead or Alive game will never have a US release. But, I digress. On a bit of a happier note, I found something worth thinking about. I saw a post on Tumblr about a prediction for the remake: Will there be perks/incentives to using characters other than Cloud? For those of you who are currently out of the loop, the FFVII Remake will feature the ability to switch characters amongst your current party. You can play as Cloud, or either of the two other characters you chose for your party. So, will there be any perks or incentives? Personally, I hope so. For example: Red XIII is faster than the others because he’s quadropedal, or perhaps Vincent has some sort of auto-dodge perk, or Aerith has some sort of ability that ups the effectiveness of healing items and spells, or that Cloud is a “Glass Cannon” that deals tons of damage. I would love to see what Square’s gonna do with this feature. Anyways, that about wraps it up for today. I’m curious though: What kinds of perks and/or incentives would you like to see in the remake? I’d love to read your thoughts and opinions! Next time, I’ll try not to talk so much about VII. Peace out!
  22. If you guys have been staying out of the YouTube loop, then I suggest you buckle yourselves in. This is going to be a bumpy ride! Just recently, the Fine Brothers, a famous YouTube channel made a video about their newest concept: "React World." For those of you who aren't familiar with their channel, here's a run down of what they do: Gather random indeviduals to their office. Record their reactions to random videos. Profit. So, they proposed "React World" on YouTube just the other day, and everyone is going absolutely nuts over it. For a while, I was wondering why. Today, I found out. As it turns out, the Fine Brothers are trying to screw over other reactor YouTubers (ie; EtikaWorldNetwork, Chadtronic, and RashadTheReactor. They're litterally trying to copyright reaction videos on the site. To which I say: Benny, Raffi, you guys are some greedy, ignorant sons of bitches. I get that you want other people to participate in your company, but as they say: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." You may have good intentions, but sometimes, that isn't enough. That's enough from me. What do you guys think? Do you see "React World" as a good thing, or a bad thing?
  23. I work with a lot of different software for 3D modeling, digital sculpting, and all the myriad tasks within that require their own dedicated software. If there's one thing I HATE, it's when I have to switch back and forth between different software suites. Why? Because every single one of them has radically different idea of how the camera should be controlled. I'm not talking about little differences or differences justifiable by the specific purposes of the software. No, these are totally opposed philosophies. Dusty, old philosophies from some dusty, old neck-bearded designer who has convinced themselves of the perfection of their vision for a world view camera raised up from bizarre, axiomatic truths that none other than they may fathom! I pray that, through some miracle, these designers hear my plea: For love of life and all that is sane: gather yourselves together, develop, and implement A STANDARD CAMERA CONTROL SCHEME!!!
  24. I'm going to take a moment to rant about slow-ass satellite Internet and why it's the worst thing since Stalin. I was forcibly relocated to a new house on the other side of my town back in March. We went from the middle of town where we had awesome and fast Suddenlink DSL to a house in the woods where all we could get was HughesNET satellite Internet. It is hands down the worst Internet I have ever used. My grandma's dial-up connection was actually faster. I am so far behind on everything because of this fucking shit. I have a backlog of YouTube videos I need to watch going all the way back to March, plus I haven't uploaded anything on my channel in months. I've been burning through data on my family's cell phone plan using the hotspot to play games on Steam. Generally speaking, I can watch two episodes of any given show on Netflix per month. I hate HughesNET and the entire concept of satellite Internet with every fiber of my being. We ended up just going "Fuck it!" and paying Suddenlink $4,000 to run poles and cables to our house. They're supposed to finish up the installation tomorrow. It would have been today, but they scheduled us for the wrong time and we were out at the time. I'm so glad to finally be getting rid of this terrible Internet. For reference on how slow this goddamn shit is: I bought GTA V during Steam's Black Friday sale. Started the download two days ago, and it's been going pretty much nonstop ever since. The game is 33% done downloading, and only then because the Internet gets a super boost between 2:00 AM and 6:00AM. Satellite is the worst.
  25. I completely forgot Thanksgiving is this week and have already bought myself food for the whole week! I always go to my parents' for Thanksgiving. Now I'll have to freeze some of this week's food instead. X( This exactly why I have maxed out my earned vacation and sick days. I start working, get stuck in a routine, and I just lose track of the world. One day In going to wake up and realize I've worked my whole life away.
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