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I said goodbye to an old friend to-day....




My constant companion since May 2015, we'd spend evenings together, drinking by the fire pit or splashing and cavorting around on warm, sunny, summer days. Always there for the family, at BBQ, eating times, our constant companion and testament to summer fun. Lazy afternoons in the heat. Cold drinks shared after chores done. The occasional skinny dip, on warm moonless nights. The odd cigar and glass of rum, shared between us and the stars.

But time marches on. The seasons change. It was inevitable. Sooner or later, I was going to have to put him down. And to-day was that sad day. Now he's gone, and the backyard and pool deck just don't seem the same without him. There's a green tarp that covers his body...and a hole in this ancient old Otter's heart.

Slumber well old friend. We'll be together again soon. Its only 168 days until the 2016 Pool season starts the cycle all over again.



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Thought you were talking about a person and was about to be concerned...


I actually snagged a few watchers over on FA and other sites..... remember, Irreverent is an Otter and the Otter is irreverent! ;)


That said, putting the pool to sleep for the winter is the death of Summer for me......I do feel that I've said goodbye to an old friend.  *sigh*  Maybe its just an Otter thing, but I'd give just about anything for one more soak in the warm, salty water....cold drink, tasty cigar and hawt Reggae playing on the oTTER iPod.

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Thought you were talking about a person and was about to be concerned...


After awhile I began to think it was a dog or a pet. And now I realize it was the pool. The green tarp was a hint as nothing would really be buried just with a tarp but yeah.


I do enjoy a good swim myself. And at my grandparent's place they still have it open as the weather is still nice...if maybe a bit cool.

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