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Found 3 results

  1. Some of you may know that I do sequential art. For the most part, it's been alright. However, recently, these commissions I've gotten have become more elaborate, and the slowdown I'm experiencing on my computer is reaching the point that I just simply don't want to work anymore. I typically try to put all my stages in one file, grouping layers together while leaving the background the same to switch things out easily. However, even trying to minimize the number of layers in a sequence file like this, I end up with a solid 20-30+ layers, and it gets really unpleasant to work with, even when I hide the layers I'm not working on. I'm looking for ways to do things more efficiently, and so far all I can think of is making separate files for each panel in a sequence (which feels a little redundant, not to mention matching colors between panels is gonna get tedious REAL quick), or reducing the dimensions of the file (I typically work with 3-4k pixels on a dimension, though 1500 should be good enough for FA submission. I just have to decide if I ever want to print bigger than a letter size sheet of paper). I currently use Krita for all my work, which I've heard mixed things about. Unfortunately, I don't quite have the free time to learn how to use another program, so if a solution can be found without having to switch to something else, it would be much appreciated. Anyone know of any other approach I could take? I've got several commissions to finish, and I'm simply not gonna be able to work on them is things keep slowing down the way they do now.
  2. This subforum is far too dusty. :C Also there needs to be a thread for this comic. I recieved two of the print copies today!!! Anyway, if you haven't read it, you should. It's a pretty cool anthro-themed fantasy series: dreamkeeperscomic.com The first three volumes are available to read online for free; the 4th one will be free once the 5th eventually comes out . I think it's pretty damn good; although the art at times veers a little too far off into the "ooo, edg3y" category for my liking.
  3. Blacksad and Lackadaisy. These two are up there among the greatest anthro/ furry comics ever created. Blacksad being one of the best printed comics, Lackadaisy being one of the best webcomics. Blacksad's traditional ink and water colors vs. Lackadaisy's pencils and digital process coloring/ effects. If you have read both, (good for you!) and discuss which one you think to be the superior comic. If you haven't read one of these two or either of them, you're missing out and I highly recommend them both. They're great reads. Let's give an example of both: Lackadaisy: Blacksad:
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