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Found 5 results

  1. Rhíulchabán


    I don't even know what to make of this... I know I'm not on these forums much anymore, but this is the only place I could think to bring this up. https://lulz.com/discord-has-a-furry-pedophile-problem-2280/
  2. Aside from internet furry things, one of my hobbies is disc-golf. There are a bunch of disc-golf parks in Metro Detroit, but to get to the one I went to today I have to travel down 8 Mile Road. Yes, that one. The northern border of Detroit. Anyway, near the area where Eminem was before he got famous, there's a motel named MnM Motel. And yes, it's shady as fuck. But not far from it is another motel named JZ Motel. I just thought that was a funny coincidence. Anyway, I get to the park and it's nearly empty. There's one other guy disc-golfing, a group practicing softball on one of the diamonds, and a few people with their dogs in the pet-friendly area. This is fantastic! The other places I go are nearly always full of people and I feel rushed to get through the course. But the weather today was beautiful and I basically had the park to myself. I even stopped halfway through the course to make a call that lasted nearly 20 minutes. It was great! But as I'm going along, I notice some things and decide to take pictures because fuck it, why not. First, I see this in the adjacent neighborhood by the 3rd fairway. Now, this would be normal in some rundown area of Detroit that nobody gives a shit about, but this is a nice area. The park is in St. Clair Shores, which is in the upper tier of Detroit suburbs. It's a well-maintained park and the nearby houses seem fine. So, yeah...this was WAY unexpected. Oh, well... Later on I see something on the ground by the 17th tee. Being the UPSTANDING, CONSCIENTIOUS citizen I am, I decide to pick it up and throw it in a nearby bin. But before I do, I take a closer look and well, well, well. Just as I expected. I wonder if it's from the other disc-golfing guy I saw, or if it's been here awhile? But, the container was completely empty and still very fragrant. You know, just in case you were wondering...
  3. My beloved little old lady, Rose. I can't get mad at her, she's too damn cute and too old to get mad at. Anyway, What I think my couch is for: What my old lady thinks my couch is for:
  4. So I've been working at this grocery store for like 3 months or some shit, I don't remember when I started (shits a blur, maaaan). The supervisor and his butt buddy coworker of mine haven't treated me like an equal member of the team since day 1. Why? I don't know. My dept is all men, and I'm the only woman. Is it because I'm female? Is it because I'm younger? Is it both? Who knows. Either reason is fucking stupid, because I'm more than qualified and knowledgeable in retail and working/pushing freight. Even the 17yr old on the team talks down to me. I humor him and allow him to enjoy is 5sec of a woman listening to him (though lately I just spark back with something completely trumping his knowledge of whatever he's trying to spout at me, because he's fucking 17 with no foot in the real world, whereas I've been there, done that (I'm 24, been working retail since I was 16), mostly because I feel bad for the kid. So onto the bullshit. I've got Bipolar II Disorder coupled with Dysthymia and chronic depression. In the past 2.5wks, I've finally gotten in to see a new psychiatrist, have been hooked up with a therapist, and have been given a female only support group to go to if I so feel like it (everyone I see and talk to is female, because I prefer female interaction when it comes to my mental and reproductive health, and it's my only break from my exclusively male hoard of coworkers). Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, I do NOT have to disclose what's wrong with me to my employer. Well, Asshole Supervisor so far has: Asked what's wrong/pestered meSpecifically targeted me in little comments, such as "it's getting hard to make a schedule" (no, if you have 6 employees including yourself at your disposal, it's impossible to have fucking problems making a schedule unless you're a dipshit)Makes me feel guilty for being ill and for not saying what's wrong*Has lately become much more intimidating to me**you don't have to say a word to do either of these thingsAnd yesterday, he was so nice as to say "what'd they reattach it?" when he seen the purple medical tape around my left elbow (I had gone in earlier for blood testing). Now, coming from any of the people I'm friendly with, I probably would have chuckled, because I'd have known they meant to harm by it, but coming from him? Fuck you. He's just taking a jab at me. My brain is ill, and I will live with my mental disorders for the rest of my life, and spend my life praying to the heavens that my Bipolar II doesn't turn into Bipolar I, and this fucking asshole has decided to make my life a living hell at work. I'm being very, very serious when I say I'd rather self harm and end up back in the ER than go to work any day now. I did so about a month ago to make my head shut up, because I was flipping shit over having to go into work one day. I've been prescribed anti-anxiety meds as a temporary fix until my next psych appt, and I took them for the first time yesterday because Asshole was being, well, an asshole, and sent my anxiety overboard (so much so that I nearly vomited). Upon the effects of the meds setting in, I was completely alone for the night in my dept, and these meds have heavy sedative side effects (they use this med to knock people out for surgery), so I spent the rest of my shift struggling to even stand up straight. FUCK YOU, SUPERVISOR. I FUCKING HATE YOU, YOU GODDAMN PIECE OF SHIT.
  5. What in the hell is with some furries and their porn obsession? They act like porn is the center of the furry fandom, and get super pissed off if they perceive anything as a threat to their precious wank stash.
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