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PSA: people who preordered pipboy edition from Best Buy or GAME


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Make sure that order went through. Apparently people have been having their preorders cancelled due their card not registering.

I had a scare earlier cause it said it didnt take my card, even though i placed the order back in June. I thought i payed for it in full right then and there, but apparently Best Buy waits until shipping to charge your card. I had gotten a new card since then so the card i did use wasnt taken at all. Had to put in new card info for it to work.

On a related note to all UK people, im hoping you didnt preorder the pipboy from GAME. Same story as Best Buy

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I've heard all about it but thankfully my pipboy order from GAME has gone through fine and its out for delivery, the annoying and sad thing is GAME got exclusive rights to sell the pipboy edition so if you wanted it here, GAME is your only option, they've really gone down the shitter the past couple years, they aggressively expanded and took down other competitors making them the go to high street store, they barely train their staff in anything and just have seriously piss poor customer service.


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