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I found this Japanese indie game a while back called Sorcerland, and its basically a simplified Megaman X style furry game where you fight robots terrorizing the city. Or something. I'm not exactly sure what the story is, as its all in Japanese. But after playing the demo I thought it was pretty fun. You can pick between 3 different characters to play as. There's a robot pony with guns attached, a furry mage, and a furry swordsman, and they each have their own set of abilities and each play differently with some strengths and some weaknesses. The pony in particular I find to be quite stiff, while the swordsman is basically Zero from Megaman X.


One kind of strange and interesting thing about the game is that all of the characters are guys who dress up in lewd girl costumes, as apparently how powerful someone is in this universe is powered by how lewd you are. The more lewd you are, the more powerful you are. And so all the characters are essentially furry traps, although I hope that term doesn't offend anybody. I don't intend it to, although I realize some might find the term transphobic. It just sort of seems like that was the intention with the character designs. In any case...Anyone heard of this? Or play it? 


Also just in case anyone's wondering, this isn't a porn game. It has ecchi content, but no actual porn.

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Gamepad support?

EDIT: Yes it does!

Mhm. Also, in case you're wondering, fullscreen is one of the F buttons. I think F4, but I'm not sure.

I think I also have an explanation of the controls someone translated in English. Let me see if I can find it...

I know R2 dashes, which is something some people might miss. (or at least I did at first)

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