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Unleash the weasels of war

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Hi I'm Wiley War Weasel,

I chose this name cause it has a nice ring to it, and also because I like war games and other games. My tastes are somewhat eclectic.

I'm pretty shy usually but I thought I might as well make an account here after lurking the old forums for months and seeing this new forum pop up.

I started looking into the community some time 2 years ago after playing Freedom Planet and Dust an Elysian Tale (clearly they're gateway games :V) and liked what I saw so I stuck around.

The drama around the previous forums closure was especially entertaining, can't wait to see what happens next haha.

I don't normally do intro threads such as this one so it may appear a bit disjointed but what can ya do.



EDIT: Oops meant two years ago, time sure flies

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