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Shut up, Job!


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I awoke from the most bizaare dream of a musical number about how bad Alabama is, to the sound of my phone ringing. It was work and, as someone with only 4 hours of sleep under their belt is want to do, I stupidly decide to pick it up. It's my nominal lead who proceeds to inform me that a certain person didn't do their job, and to basically ask for my blessing to follow the obvious course of action. They should know this by now, they've been on this project for how many years. Its the dumbest question I've ever been woken up early on a holiday to be asked. No wait, it's not. The call lasted maybe a minute and now I can't get back to sleep because someone is cooking bacon.

I'm going to have to have a word with a certain subordinent, come Monday, about what the consequences of them not doing their job are! >8[


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Isn't the problem more them doing their job a little too well/rigidly?  Either way put your phone on silent, they can e-mail you next time or some other method that ensures you won't notice/care :P

The person who called is not the person who failed to do their job. But yes, it's my fault for picking up.

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