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steampunk rave


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yesterday was Emporium Vernesque and it was absolutely amazing.

absolutely great!

I bought a lot of stuff and talked to some great people in beautiful clothing. we talked as evens and friends, even if we only just met.
it was great and I got hugged by Cypher-sempai. I've been looking up to this man for years and I have started to reverse steal from him. that means I started to give him stuff without him noticing. last year I was caught so we had a good laugh and now I just give him things, he knows it's me anyway.
but yesterday I felt like he was genuely happy to see me and so surprised by my gift (given I had no way to know for sure that he would be there.), I got hugged and we chatted for a bit, he's an alchemist so he showed me his new ideas etc.


(Cypher Serptius Delandrov aka Cypher sempai.)

and there was some good steampunk music, and stuff to buy and everyone was willing to chat and exchange ideas. even the band members!
speaking of band members when the day came to an end I was walking to the train station, sad that after this fun day I had to travel home alone. I was still in costume so I was easily recognized by these guys. after a good look I saw they were one of the bands that had been playing earlier. They had to go to Amsterdam and had no idea how the dutch train system worked. I was nice enough to show them where to buy their tickets and waited to show the platform. it happened we had to take the same train so we waited together and played some games, had a good time that included absinthe, but they must have been really thankfull because one suddenly pulls open his suitcase and hands me a band t-shirt. for free! 

I had bought an album of them that day too and it's great (even though at first it played as a meditation cd (sleep Imp) untill I discovered the function of the flashdisk)

I'm just very happy.

example bands


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