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Hello again

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Hello everyone, I wonder if anyone actually remember me, I'm from FAF, not that active though.

Anyway, let me reintroduce myself.

I'm Sam, 25 years old, loner, gamer guy, but I no longer wanted to be loner, so I try break out of shell, but don't know where to start first, so here I am. :P

I love mythology creatures and transformation stuff.

I don't have FA account, because I have no art, and not a writer, just a indie game programmer, so I don't draw or sculpt that often.


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11 hours ago, Zytan said:

Kinder reminds me of doing Diablo III rifts, with a couple of friends that'd be a good laugh... perhaps the negative views are from loners (sorry, hardcore players) who insist on doing multiple players' jobs in one.

That's sound bad, isn't it? Although it can playable solo with AI. Never played Diablo 3 though.

11 hours ago, Revates said:

Welcome Krysle!

Hi Revates.

11 hours ago, Ginpanther said:

Welcome back into the strangling loving embrace of the forum. Always glad to have former FAF folks rejoin us!

Glad to be back, Ginpanther.

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13 hours ago, KrysleQuinsen said:

That's sound bad, isn't it? Although it can playable solo with AI. Never played Diablo 3 though.

Ah can it?  I just watched the video and assumed they were people :) Might give it a whirl then (I has no fwends) if I can boss the AI around/drown them.

Diablo 3's a fun game with a friend.  It also has an AI mercenary that hits like a wet sponge but gives good buffs for when you're on your own.  Rifts are essentially just multiple random themed rooms/areas with random enemies to kill quickly in order to spawn a big boss that drops nice loot, similar to the crystal I'd guess.

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