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Never on Time for Anything


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Just saying that I'm here. Got a couple hundred+ posts in.

I'm from FAF(User: -Sliqq-). You know, back when it actually fuckin' existed.

^If I start cussing like a sailor, it's because that's how I naturally speak. I used to do that way more that what I do now.

Just a few updates:

> I'm no longer teaching sunday school, since I have to focus more on my future( Still busy with some college work and I've only taken the SAT Subject Test).

> I don't live with my father anymore, due to 'altercations'. I won't publicly discuss it.

> For MM, If you want to look inside this brain of mind, you'll find endless clots of paranoia and social anxiety. Hence why my user title is "".

      >Every tiny detail, or piece of writing is pointing at something - whether I realize it or not.


Moving on, How you guys doing?


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