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Advice on buying a second hand iPad/other tablet brand?


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I'm wanting to get a crappy second hand tablet of some kind, preferably an iPad (since I already have an Apple store account and all for my phone). The single, only purpose I want it for is to download an app (Anki) and study flashcards while I'm out and about.

I'm not sure what data requirements it will have - the app itself isn't very large but I have a LOT of flashcards that I'd want to load onto it. And now, coming to think about it, there's an anatomy app that I might get as well (Essential Anatomy 5). This one runs bigger at ~645MB. I don't really know about this though since Anki and my IRL anatomy flashcards I bought might be enough.

My aim is to spend as little as I can get away with, so I'm not sure what specifics I'm meant to be looking for. I don't know what model to look for or what data size. I also don't know how much a second hand tablet would cost. Or where to look. I went on eBay and was swamped and I didn't know where to look. I've never had a tablet before, I know next to nothing about them. Can I benefit from the experience and wisdom of others on this?

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Basically, all ye really need to look at is the capability to run yer apps and the condition of the item. Also consider the largest size yer willing to go with. If ye dont need to be online while yer out and about then don't go for iPad with data. Just go for the WiFi version. Also 32gb should be plenty for yer purpose. I'm not familiar with the prices in yer place tho. But I would suggest to buy from some one close to ye. Would be easier if tone bring back if the unit ye get has undeclared defects. 


If ye wanna go really cheap tho, there are a lot of cheap China tablets around that are quite decent. They run android tho. 

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