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hi so uh i went by this_is_tides or evan or whatever the fuck on faf and fa and now i'm here but well not really

if you don't know me i do a lot of music, including a music school and things and stuff, and i'm a pedantic little fuck who's never around so that's pretty cool

i made an account cuz fuck it idk but i seriously will probably only ever post like once a week so if you're ever like "yo fuck you" it will probably at least take me at least three days to have an offended reply


idk that's it. lemme know what bands you like because i pretty much like any music you could give me for the most part, so seriously if you're like "man he probably won't like this" there's actually a good chance i could at least entertain listening to it, especially if it's weird and noisy. but yeah music is cool and i am not so that's my introduction goodbye now

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