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I wasnt sure if I should do this or not before deciding...why not.

I dont have a lot of digital to show for since I hardly get to get on the computer for it, maybe it the future. Most of my art/practice is in my sketchbooks and goes unseen since its annoying to submit tons of doodles/draws.

I guess I have a couple things to show so...y'know why the heck not.

This one was facial expression/human practice, kinda


The above and below drawings were when I was having a bad day and felt like my drawings sucked...but I mean looking back theyre okay I guess


Something I did awhile back of my OC


Something really random that I did, but I really like it


Dont know why these are sideways...below is some kind of cityscape I did for inktober



There are so many mistakes in this bottom one, mainly thr pamts, it bugs me.


below: Head too large amirite? Bobblehead thing, man.


This is my hybrid abomimation, Quinn; a catile thing


below is something which I guess is nsfw so I blurred out some bits. I actually attempted looking at real life bodies for poses for this one :T I dont think the results show that well. Its meh.

Draw 5_22_2014 3_19 AM.jpg


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^Probably someone you may recognize



And yeah. Been attempting backgrounds more. I think it adds more life than foreground subjects alone but alas, I never do it. Guess its time to try my hand at practice more

And what use is a winged character if not being able to catch that in action? Too broke to commission so me drawing my own stuff it is

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