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The Phoenix gaming project


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Hey guys, most of you guys know that back in the past when Phoenix was FAF we would get many people advertising for programmers and artists for what was normally some random gay furry porn game or something. How did they end? Miserably...nothing would ever get started.

However i think we all got a talent in some form or another and maybe its time we start a group project....a small one. The biggest problem we had was that these games were too big for the likes of us. So why not try something small and easy?


So my suggestion is that we remake a game....not a big one so my suggestion would be a platformer, how about Mario? Sounds easy enough right? But maybe the NES games might take too long to remake so how about one of the gameboy games? Mario land 1 was shit so why not Mario land 2? 


If you wanna help here's what we need: 


1 or maybe 2 programmers (depending on experience)

A graphics artist: doesn't need to look amazing and would only need a few frames of animation

2 people to remix the music (ill be one of them) 

A tester


and that should be it. If anyone wants to take on multiple roles that's fine as well.

Ill also get a Skype group chat sorted so we can properly communicate and get this done properly. If anyone extra wants to help that is fine as well.

The game i suggested doesn't have to be the project we make, if you want. Make a suggestion and if everyone agrees then we will work on that instead. I don't intend on selling this and this can get done at the pace you'd like so there's really no rush, its just a hobby really....just for shitz and gigglez


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Aww, but shooting for the floor instead of the stars is a lot less HYPEfilled. 3: I'm already somewhat bored of the idea... but since suggestions are a thing, mayhaps I suggest shooting for the ceiling instead? Maybe something super small that we could expand on in the future pretty easily if we wanted, something that might be possible to sell if we ended up really wanting to put the effort in. Am thinking of something with RPG elements, but not full-on RPG. So maybe a RPG rogue-like, maybe a RPG platformer, maybe some sort of RPG survival (I know, survival games are pretty common nowadays, but decently made ones are pretty fun), oooor an RPG SIM of some fashion - what might be simulated I don't have any idea atm, but I'm good with ideas so that's the easy part.

I can do pixel artz w/ simple animations if your standards are utter shit. I used to do things like this and this to Pokemon, plus did this (from scratch, no Pokes used there) for someone who wanted to make a Pokemon-like game. I don't think it ever got made.

Otherwise, I can assist with testing and complaining because things are not near perfect enough to satisfy me. :3

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I will do graphic shit. Idk if I can do what I want but I can do graphic and I can do shit. Should be enough

I can do 2D graphic design, 3D photorealistic environmental rendering (or low poly artstyle and so on) and everything in 3D art from VFX to CGI over Modelling and texturing

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@Joshi hey thanks for the help, i get the idea that an RPG styled game would be a good choice but I'm really unsure how to approach a game like this. I personally own RPG maker XP but the problem with that is that everything is built in. If we were to make the game from scratch with RPG maker that would include way too much work with tile graphics. I don't think it would be too fun.

also if we were to use an engine like game maker it would require quite a lot of programming. This is why i suggested a platformer since it would be much easier to work with all round. 


ill have a look around and then consider our best option. if we're lucky we might have a good enough programmer help out.

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I'd love to contribute as a programmer. I really only know Java, but I have a few unfinished projects so I think I'd be pretty comfortable starting from scratch. Maybe this being a team project would give me the motivation I need to actually finish something, haha. I could also try doing some music stuff, although I'm still kind of an amateur.

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