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I want to start practicing art more often. I was kinda lazy for awhile and only recently have started drawing on a weekly basis again.

I'm also going to push myself to draw on my dumb pc more.

I will post WIPs of PC art but only final versions of cell phone art. Every once and awhile I might post a tiny bit of other crafts, depends.

This is my current wip:


I was toying around with texturing and decided I liked the affect~ (The pic I used for the texture is mine)

Hoping to finish this pic soon~

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Participated in my first trade and this is the result~



Just did some art of my new character, Frakture. He's a flightless bat so he's feeling kinda meh as the other bats leave for the night. I was feeling a tad lazy with this one but it's still nice. 


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