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Found 43 results

  1. Art a la Mort

    I guess I should make an art thread, huh? I have a commission thread elsewhere if people are interested in that sort of thing, but I figured I might share my art. At least the lot I can share until I gain access to the Red lantern lol. Oldest to newest! Some headshots I was working on for my fursona's new reference! Was trying to revamp an old OC. My first fursona, actually. A sketch commission for DevilTheories on FA. Did some world building with my fursona and partner. We came up with the idea that he was summoned once, killed a witch’s familiar because he’s a shit head dog (RIP bird) and turned into a doll as punishment. Said witch kept him on a shelf, and while the punishment was supposed to be temporary, they passed away, causing Mortimus to be stuck as a doll. Fast forward to the liquidation sale of said witch’s possessions: Andy chow finds this adorable doll with no instructions or context and takes it… And eventually winds up accidentally summoning Mortimus again. She enchants a collar and keeps him as her own and thus, they begin bonding. Ya’ll know my basic furry ass had to jump on the #reindeergames bandwagon. So here’s Mort as a reindeer. Had to get my secondary sona on that, too. My half of a trade with Home over on FA.
  2. Sharing some recent art pieces!

    It has been awhile since I have posted around the forums! So just to update a little of what I have been doing I shall leave some art of mine that I did. You can leave some constructive criticism if you'd like! I love drawing Horses and ponies. But I have been practicing some human art as well! If you'd like to see more than equines let me know!
  3. I have started a series called Ninii explains! Which is to help you guys with stuff that is mostly art related! So for today it's : "How can I get people to commission me?" ● " How can you get so many commissions? I work my butt off but I can't seem to get any" ● "How can I get people to buy my art?" And more Well let me explain you the reasons why that sometimes happen! • People might not like your art • People sometimes prefer other styles • The prices might be to high for the type of art you make • Your art might not be the best "Well that is harsh!!!" "Your so mean" NO I am not ....Maybe a little :v Jk Jk This is the truth BUT it can be because of other things like • People know that other artists take requests so they will always prefer requests over paying an artist • Many are minors • Many prefer to save up money for other stuff • Your timing might be bad YES timing is important!!! As for me I post in the afternoon when over 1000 people are online so meaningly more people will see your blog. • Many post at the same time • Also depends where and HOW you share it • Some people prefer KNOWN artists as well to prevent scam. Then how do you do it? How did you start getting commissions more often? Well!! LEMME TELL YA Many don't know his but I started drawing in January 2016. I only started to get commissions around the sixth month. But what many of you don't know is that, I draw EVERYDAY and between 6-12 ,yes between SIX and TWELVE HOUR'S per day except weekends. I practiced A LOT to get my art better and once I did I started to get many commissions. But it's not only that, that counts. Let me show you my old art and my recent art! Old: Most recent: • I advertise my art on over 20 art groups on Facebook On MLP/Furry groups Apps And many other places So learn where to share and advertise your art. •Study the market! Study what people are looking for! Cute art? Epic art? Serious art? Creepy art? • HOW is also important. Don't just say "my commissions are open THE END" Make something like "Hello!!! I'm here to share my art and to tell you guys I am open for commissions, if you are interested let me know! I can make your piece of art between these days and I am very responsive" and so on, something that just seems you want to make money and that's it. People like people who are nice,responsive and that seem to do what they love. • If it's because of your art, PRACTICE. Watch video tutorials, look up images and try to use them as reference, learn anatomy and so on. • Make something unique or funny, it attracts people!! Comics and memes is something that attracts a lot! •TIMING once again, for the people who live in Europe the best time to post is between 5pm -8 pm (I'm not sure who lives in other countries) But study what time there is more active members. Keep in mind not everyone likes your art or prefer other styles People prefer requests over commissions "Ah but you have commissions" YES but I am a little known now days (over 5500 people follow my Facebook page) and I am verified in some other communities so it's normal to have more commissions than artists that are not very known. It's sad but it's like that. Sadly that is how it works If people don't commission you There are many reasons! It's not always because of your art But as time passes by people will start to show up if you learn how and when to share you art!! Also do not get upset due to that It's hard....Yes I know, I went threw that my self... "My art sucks so I give up" NO don't give up! If it's somethig you like and love to do continue ! Practice ASK for criticism if you want to get better as well!! It helps a lot trust me My boyfriend criticises my art all the time and thanks to him I got motivated to get better! And because of that I now live with the art I make. It's normal in the beginning to not to have commissions But once people start to see your art and see that you are not a scammer and keep your word,more people will come around. Not everyone has money as well! Unfortunately there are many great artists that are not known and should get the credit they deserve. Many people also prefer digital over traditional So all I can say is Don't give up! Keep trying At first it's hard But one day you'll see it won't be as hard Artists compete with eachother when someone is looking for commissions It's normal Don't get upset if someone does not chose you Don't be mean if someone does not choose you Congratulate the person who gets the commission. So Here are the main reasons people don't commission you sometimes! Hope it helps you guys understand a little better. Don't get mad about it just continue doing what you like to do! So that's all for today! What would you like to see next on Ninii Explains? Also art by me! Don't forget to follow my FB page! https://www.facebook.com/Niniibear/
  4. Let's Talk About Painting!

    I read an interesting news article this morning on chemical and molecular analysis of 19th century paint. It was rather interesting to learn that innovations in paint of the time cut drying times from months or years down to days or weeks, in particular. Do we have any painters around that could comment on the nature of paints used today?
  5. Lenovo Yoga Book

    So I like tech and the reputable tech channels like Austin that showcase new hardware. And this was VERY interesting to me that I feel fits Palette Town. It looks like what the IBM Thinkpad tried and failed to do many many years ago, but far better. If this works as smooth as one hopes, this could very easily be something small, sleek, portable, and practical that (somewhat) bridges the gap between traditional and digital. A lot of traditional artists tend to find digital art very daunting, but scanning in digital work or taking photos isn't always so convenient. Obviously you're not going to be doing too much like painting, but this could be a nice starting point
  6. Inktober 2016

    It seems that time again, last year I attempted the challenge as well. Sadly, it seems I'm highly inept with keeping up when it comes to the miscellaneous habits of daily life. This year I will attempt to rise to the occassion and practice drawing oncemore, I will be updating all my accounts with pieces I make, inked drawing at least once a day. Being October 4th (the time snuck up on me) I'm 4 pieces late, but have since done two and am halfway on track. Inking is one of the steps in art, which is a highly important groundwork, that I often fail at Traditional or digital, It takes a steady hand to make clean, crisp lines that dont look like someone with parkinsons drew them. So if you see anything off keep in mind all my stuff is a WIP in my general aptitude in the drawing deparrment I await the journey the month will bring me~
  7. So a few weeks ago on the Discord chat I came up with the goofy idea of asking people to join me in a group comission thinking no one would join up and boy was I wrong! Within a few days my goofy idea turned into real money being passed about and details sketched out until finally an artist made the final piece for us! From left to right, @Eggdodger @Onnes @Recel @Endless/Nameless @Kinharia @Enigma @Another Ampers& @Feelwell the Rabbit Thank you again guys for joining me on this quest and thank you to the artist Stratica (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/stratica/ https://stratica.tumblr.com/#_=_) Maybe in a few months time (or around the new year) I'll begin looking for a new project and I'd definately love as many people as possible to join in!
  8. Number of species drawn.

    Seeing as most people seem to be good at drawing certain species more than others. How many different species of animal have you drawn or otherwise made art of? Including fictional ones, doesn't matter if anthro or not. I myself have done 6 or 7 IIRC
  9. Hiya! I'm taking a few requests of peoples characters to noodle around with to get back into the swing of things. It's been awhile since I've done any serious art, so it may end up being a plain sketch or something coloured. Just post a visual ref below and I'll see what I can do! :3 ---- @Hewge OTTERRRRRR!
  10. Hi Guys! I really enjoy drawing in an Old-Timey cartoon style, so I'm going to do some requests. I'm mostly doing this to improve my art style and also because I like drawing. Please, if you could give constructive criticism of my art, that would be heavily appreciated. Rules: I'm going to give all characters time period appropriate outfits (ie 20's-40's); if you don't want me to do this, please specify. I'm not doing lewds, so don't ask. Please use SFW refs. If your character or request is too complicated, I will refuse. I will upload these to FurAffinity, if you're not okay with that please specify. Examples of my work: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20244137 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20244177/ Queue: Augmented Husky Caledonian #00Buck FenrirDarkWolf
  11. Hi all, I recently started learning ZBrush, and so, I of course had to try my hand at making an anthro girl! What I found was that it's really hard to make a furry face that looks right. I suspect that this is because, like with anime, a lot of the 2D drawings we see involve proportions that can't exist in 3D. Anyway, this is my attempt at a canine furry girl. The model was made from scratch, because I didn't want to inadvertently bias myself with a human base model. It's still very rough; I realize the paws and hands are barely defined right now. I think the hands are a bit small, and I might give her 4 fingers instead of 3, but I'm not sure yet. Any thoughts/comments/criticisms are welcome and appreciated!
  12. write an haiku

    ~~~~~~ do it now faggot do it do it do it now faggot do it now ~~~~~~
  13. Artist offering digital art starting at $10 USD for a single character sketch or 4X4" coloured icon. Watch your sketch take shape in a live drawing stream! (Streams are public and potentially NSFW)
  14. Art of the Rabbit Head.

    Obviously an art thread of my own art stuff lol. I can't believe it took me this long to get around to posting an art thread since joining but here it is... HERE goes! ^ My half of an art trade. ^ Coonskin fanart. Underrated movie. I think that's enough for now. Tell me what you think. I'm open to pretty much any opinion. I'll update this somewhat as I make new stuff.
  15. Brutal Planet -Comic-

    I uploaded this to FAF, may as well put it here too and see what you guys think. I'm posting pages of a comic I'm working on. Only five pages finished so far, so I'll just splooge the whole thing here. If you want, You can see more art in my gallery here (Some NSFW, so have the SFW filter on if you don't wanna see that stuff.) http://www.furaffinity.net/user/thecomicman/ Tell me what you guys think. I'm open to all kinds of opinions here.
  16. Overview I try to open for a few of these each year in celebration of St. Patrick's Day and for a general excuse to practice my knotwork skills. Because of the nature of the art, I will be as faithful to the depictions of the characters as possible but be aware there will be quite a bit of stylization to fully utilize the Celtic, Pictish or Norse style of zoomorphic knotworking. The characters will be by default mostly animalistic, so if you have say a hybrid character make sure to specify what they primarily look like, i.e. a deer-like body. I can definitely manage more humanoid characters if you so choose, so "feral" is hardly a requirement! Also, a bit of artistic freedom is a must for these since it takes a bit of trial and error to make the creatures "fit together," however I will be providing a preliminary sketch for you to preview and you can most definitely request certain details, such as featuring triskeles, key patterns or a certain color palette. Prices and Specifics Note that these prices are baseline. If you desire a lot of complex knotwork or stylization, prices will have to be adjusted depending on what you want due to the increased time it takes to render more detail. ~~ACEO or "badge-style": $15 for inked, $25 for color. Will be done on standard ACEO-sized illustration board (2.5''x3.5''). Can add a name by request at no extra charge. These will be laminated with a clip. ~~8''x10'' Inked: $40 for single-subject, $50 for pair. (Moth is an example of one with additional detail) ~~8''x10'' Inked and colored: $50 for single-subject, $60 for pair. These will generally be colored marker with possible ballpoint or colored pencil accents. Alternatively I can color it in entirely in sepia or other monochrome color like the tiger example below: The above prices for color assume marker and ink. I can also do these in other media, such as graphite or colored pencils. This media takes longer but conversely offers even more refinement in detail and color, as such prices for something like this start at $70 and are adjusted for how much detail and what sort of media you want. Additionally I can work in larger formats such as 9''x12'' or 11''x14''. Example of a detailed single subject done in colored pencil, 11x14. Email me bluegoblins@outlook.com at if you’re interested (don't note me here, I don't check my notes here often enough)! Make sure to provide your PayPal address along with references so I can send you an invoice (it will be coming from the same aforementioned email). Turnaround can vary a bit depending on complexity of the knotwork and whether or not you requested color but I can generally guarantee most pieces can be done by the end of March, however if my queue ends up being rather full I will notify you if it has to take longer. I ship anywhere in the continental U.S. for $3, Canada for $5. International rates vary so make sure to consult me for shipping prices if that is the case. Currently open for three slots (badge slots are unlimited): 1 2 3 Many thanks for your time, and slainte!
  17. Hello! I am looking to take commissions. If you are interested in my work, please contact me via email or by my Furaffinity account. Email: Meowipede@yahoo.com FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/meowipede/ I offer a variety of things and I would like to think my style is pretty unique. ANIMATED ICONS: $10.00 - $30.00 USD TRIPPY HEADSHOTS: $15.00 USD CHARACTER BADGES: $25.00 USD FLAT COLOR: $30.00 USD FULL COLOR: $40.00 USD SKETCH PAGE: $50.00 USD DIGITAL PAINTING: $55.00 USD \ REFERENCE SHEET: $45.00 - $70.00 USD Feel free to comment and message me! Thank you!
  18. Commissions are open! Types of Projects: I specialize in characterful anthro art, but also very comfortable drawing feral, dragons and humans. I do accept NSFW/adult themed work (I may refuse certain fetish work, but no harm in asking, I shall not kink-shame thee). Please, drop me a message so I can draw your awesome characters! <3 I'm a freelance artist, so turnaround for these will be 2-3 days on average unless I communicate otherwise. You can contact me either through messages on here, or on my Furaffinity: Mazeburn PRICES/EXAMPLES Sketches - $15 per character Digital Coloured - $40 base per character (simple/no bg) Digital painting - $60+ (depending on complexity) Reference Sheets - $60 (two pose)/$75 (three pose) (depending on complexity) Examples here are all SFW - for NSFW work, check my Furaffinity or message me for examples. Thanks for reading!
  19. That's right! That could be your awesome character being awesome! So what are you waiting for?! Go see the full details at: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18970084/ Thanks for looking! :3
  20. Fusions art and stuff :3

    Will post my art and pictures here :3 Fusion200 is my shortened name :3 Flapjack avie in Second Life, he's so cute :3 K'nuckles and my OC ^^ Some fusionfall fanart: And the babies, they are super cute ^^
  21. Hello everyone! While I am new to this forum, I've been on FA since early 2009 and have finally decided to come out of my shell a little and offer up some commission slots! These will be on a first come, first serve basis, and I will include examples for each category. Please note that while I have a very fast turnaround (typically between 1-3 days), if there's a lot of interest, some might take me a bit longer, as I also hold a full time job and cannot be chained to my tablet 24/7. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. I also promise that I am very open to discussion. Whatever you're looking for I will be happy to talk it through with you, don't be shy! I can be contacted here, or at my email Mechanicalrain06@gmail.com Or you can send me a message at my FA Here Sketches Price; $20.00 USD Sketched and inked, no color, no background. Headshot Price: $ 40.00 - 60.00 USD From chest up, color optional, background optional. Multiple Characters Price: $ 60.00 - 90.00 USD Multiple characters with simple or no background. NSFW optional, color included. Character Sheet Price: $ 80.00 USD Model sheet for a character, including full body colored shot, sketched action poses, color pallet, 3-4 expressions and text information. Also, NSFW additions optional. Full Price: $ 100.00 - 150.00 USD Full pictures, multiple characters optional, NSFW optional, full colored background. I've included some SFW examples, but here are also some links to NSFW and Fetish examples of my work as well. WARNING; FOLLOWING LINKS NSFW, PLEASE BE SURE YOU ARE OF LEGAL AGE TO VIEW EXPLICIT IMAGES BEFORE CLICKING! THANK YOU! NSFW Single Character, Simple Background NSFW Multi-Chara, Fetish, Full background + Color NSFW Solo Character, Fetish, simple background NSFW Character Sheet with NSFW addition Open Slots- 10 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  22. Let Me Draw You

    Hi everyone! I like to go by Citrus and I'm really new to the fur community in general. I'm an artist. I've only ever focused on people and objects and wanted to start getting into fur art but I'm not really sure what to draw. So if you'd like me to possibly draw you or any of your characters, you should totally post references here! I prefer to work in color but I can also work with just black and white. I'm a somewhat slow artist and I'm also sick so posting anything may take time. I'll do my best to keep up to some degree! If you want to see any of my previous art, you can check out my tumblr. Can't wait to see your designs!
  23. Misomie's Journal

    I want to start practicing art more often. I was kinda lazy for awhile and only recently have started drawing on a weekly basis again. I'm also going to push myself to draw on my dumb pc more. I will post WIPs of PC art but only final versions of cell phone art. Every once and awhile I might post a tiny bit of other crafts, depends. This is my current wip: I was toying around with texturing and decided I liked the affect~ (The pic I used for the texture is mine) Hoping to finish this pic soon~
  24. [Mod Vae] Got a piece you've never finished, but you'd sure like to show it? Got a piece you're working on that you're just dying to share RIGHT NOW, without spamming up your personal art thread / galleries / etc? Post it here, and let people see what you've been up to! Do not embed anything NSFW. All NSFW material must be placed under a link and warned for accordingly. (OP botched due to issues with the limitations of the forum software. Posts salvaged from a hidden thread. Mind the rules.) ____________________________________________________________________________________________ I started this bigger project the other day and have abandoned it for smaller ones.... we'll see if I keep going. I started a color test for it and everything.
  25. Bumblebee adopt auction

    Click for auction on DA- Ends midnight PST 1/1/16~