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Starcraft 2 trolling


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- As Terran, move/salavge every possible building when scouted or whenever an enemy comes near.

- As Zerg, complain about "misogyny" in places even a Tvtropes regular wouldn't imagine it. Complain about how Banshees are named after Blizzard's policy to female players and Zerg units that spawn units only exist to satisfy people's fantasies of beating up pregnant women. 

- Enter a 2v2 tournament. Play until the final round, but gradually gain information on your teammate. When you find out what city they live in, when the battle starts in the league final, send a phone call to a hired man to throw a net over huor teammate san reel them away from their computer, thus wasting everyones time.

- Pretend you hear voices. If asked about it, claim they say things like "your SCV's are under attack".

- Use the chat to respond to your units

- Place Refineries around the map.Every time any get destoyed, lie about your age.

- Send a Banshee near air-to-air units, or a Medivac near any enemy unit. THen conscendingly talk about how beating up women who can't fight back is the only way your opponent can get hard.

- Talk about how online gaming is an experience between two strangers,. Mention that this is also how sexual encounters can start. When a battle starts, talk entirely in generic "sex scene" lines.

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