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Tell a newb about fursuits

Kellie Gator

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So I spent my weekend at a con and I started feeling real envious of all the suiters there and their fabulous suits. I kinda want my own, but, erm... how???

I know it requires a lot of crafting and, erm, I don't like crafting, at all. Maybe I can pay someone for it? I hear it's expensive as fuck though and I have more necessary things to spend money on. I'd also like to know what I need to think about if I'm gonna make or ask someone else to make one.

So basically, gimme a bunch of newbie advice, everyone! I dunno if I ever will end up making or buying suits but I figured this thread might also be helpful for others in the same situation as me.

So what are you waiting for? POST POST POST

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I can't tell you a whole lot about buying a suit but I can give some general info I guess 

if you want to buy a suit it's really a matter of what level of quality do you want and how much are you willing to pay, and are you willing to potentially sacrifice quality for a lower price. because on average, a good suit will cost about $1000 or about €900. it'll also help if you have an idea of what you want before you buy. like do you want just the head? a partial? or full? do you have a specific expression in mind? things like that

but just do your research 

if you want to craft a suit, it'll certainly cut the cost by quite a bit since you don't have to pay much shipping but it also relies more on your own personal skill level and dedication. there's quite a few good resources though for beginners

http://fursuit.livejournal.com << this one has a ton of tutorials and wips 

http://www.matrices.net/fursuiting.asp << she has pretty good step by step tutorials on making heads and other stuff. she also has some of them on YouTube if it'll make following the steps easier 


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If you don't like crafting, you probably won't  like suit making. Try sewing random scrap and see if you are ok with it. If not, it would be a shame to drop over $200 on smething you hate. Luckily, you can buy premade bases (foam or resin), premade eyes (anytype for toony to realistic), silicon or resin noses, full jawsets, tongues, ect. If you buy everything premade you'll only need to sew and it will most likely turn out nice due to using th experience of other makers. 

Your best bet though is to buy a cheapo premade. This way you can gauge if you even will like suiting without forking out the mulah. 

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