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My newest project is a prear I've been working on. This will be my sixth head and I've dubbed it as a candy-colored fox due to the blue and pink fur markings that are planned. 

Here is the base:


It's going to be static-jawed but wide open so ventilation will be amazing.

I like to make the ears first:

1434661259.misomie_cam00275.thumb.jpg.feThe inside of the mouth and the nose are felt. The outside of the ears are luxury shag and the insides are felt and striped fox. Its right ear is sewn while its left ear is just pinned- pretty big difference in how something looks before and after sewn. 



Sorry for the sideways pic. Anyways, the blue is a plastic that cuts reaaaally nicely. The iris and pupils are painted on buckram (this photo is pre-sealant). I chose brown because cookies go nicely with candy. xD

Some more fur:

(Sorry, mobile is being a turd so this segment is above) Here the sideburns, forehead, and some of the back of the head is cut and/or sewn. The other blue in the eyes are foamies while the black is also foamies but I got sick of that so ripped the black ones off. 


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On Wednesday, January 06, 2016 at 6:03 AM, Chrysocyon said:

It looks like cotton candy... I want to eat it.

Good. >:D 


Attached the face (mainly) and did some shaving last night~

Just for fun I only shaved half the face. I have an awful razor so I'm not done shaving the shaved side yet but you can see the critter emerging from the floof.


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