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Rivals of Aether


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Not sure if there was already a thread for this. I recently got into this game again. Like big time. I got it a year ago but dropped out. It's got it's full launch roster now, some new stages/music, and some balance patches. I can't stop playing as the new polar bear character they added, Etalus. It's probably the best Smash clone. Plays extremely smooth compared to the clunkiness of most others. Fast, often smooth online. Has some good ol' Melee tech and really high emphasis on combo game. A lot of characters clearly take pages from Smash, but they're each still extremely unique. The characters Kragg, Orcane, and Etalus especially stick out to me. I appreciate that everyone has a very specific elemental means of stage control ranging from buffs, combo extensions, dots, recovery options, keep away, and some really weird ones to explain.

Music's really nice too by flashygoodness.

A lot of people are super put off by this game because of it's graphics, being a Smash fighter (as in saying it's a poor man's Smash 4), and starring an animal cast. It's kind of a shame. It's a really fantastic little fighter. I really like the GBA looking graphics. Character sprites aren't super detailed, but animations are great and the character sprite simplicity makes them look cute. I personally think the backgrounds are beautiful and it made me attempt pixel art hoping to make stuff like that in the future. I don't know if I like this or Smash 4 more, but I know it's the only other fighter I'll play next to it honestly. 

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