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Plant blog: Alocasia mac


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I will post here about my alocasias and their growths and whats happening to them.



The plants with heart like shaped leafs are alocasias. The smaller one is from mexico and the bigger one is from southafrica. The bigger one grows a bit slower because i had no dormancy.

The smaller one grows a very big leaf but the leaf kinda stucks.

They are a alocasia mac and alocasia odora.



This beauty here is an alocasia portora.

Its an hybrid made by lariann , the portora grows very fast and can reach 1 meters with ease. 

In some countries alocasias are eatable.


If you have a question, ask me right away.

More photos will come soon.


These assholes are were alocasia portoras that got moldy and lost their leafs. I try to save them but they keep rot.

They make me sad.



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