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Looking to hire 3D artist for a big project


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I'm looking for a 3D artist for a custom  furry model commission. This is for a rather large and complicated project, which would require working together where I would give feedback on parts to make sure they're right. The build would need a head, arms, legs, torso, feet and hands, down to minor details including fingers, toes, and facial components. Engineering, robotics, or anatomy knowledge is a plus.

Once the model is done, that should be it, however the project itself will continue for may years, so I may hire again later to update parts. Discretion about project details would be appreciated.

You will be compensated very well (first payment of $2,000, then continuing from there). If you are interested, or can suggest someone, please reply. Links to art samples would help too.

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What is the intended end-use-case for the model?

Does the model need to be rigged for animation?

Is any clothing involved?

Does fur need to be simulated / patterned, or is a flat texture enough?

Any restrictions on polygon limit?

You mentioned engineering - does that mean the model has robotic elements / complex props?

(Sorry for all the questions, but it makes a big difference to the complexity of the piece. I've tried to keep the questions general.)

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I see why you need the engineering knowledge now. That's quite a task, and I'd certainly love to see the results. I'm not sure how useful I can be personally as I'm a jeweller, not a mechanic.

p.s. I suggest a mix of rigid and flexible parts - several forms of 3D printing are now capable of producing rubber-like materials that may help to protect and cover joints in the skeleton.

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Yes, this will consist of hard skeleton and soft outer shell, probably with a fur cloth cover. I'm an engineer and amateur sculptor myself, so can handle that part of it.

I've found two people willing to help. Paying $200 to each of them to create a basic sketch form to decide which one I'll go with and pay the rest of the money too. Unfortunately this may be the last time you hear of this, since this will be a private project.

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