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There's a fan game I've been following on and off for the last year and half and it's made some significant progress almost being complete.

This is it. This is probably the best successor to (classic) WipEout we'll ever get. It's the most authentic 1:1 clone of WipEout 3 you can get. The UI, the art style, the graphical style, the track design (for the most part, not perfect), the stellar EDM soundtrack, sound effects, and iconic WipEout physics. Even has that nostalgic PS1 texture jitter.  

It's still a bit rough, but again, it's not done. Some menu tweaks and track refinements would be nice, but that's about it that I can criticize of what we have. If you like WipEout or just futuristic racers with an emphasis on crisp racing lines this is free on Steam right now and what it's got is pretty rad. Gonna hold me over until Formula Fusion is playable.

Screw Slipstream GX

Screenshot 7 6 2016 11 26 27 PM.png


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4 hours ago, WileyWarWeasel said:

I kind of wished they cloned Wipeout HD instead but that could've been asking a bit much ^__^


Are they planning to add multiplayer to it?


Also for anyone who would want to know, it does support custom music. If you have songs in .WAV format, go to your BallisticNG folder in your SteamApps. UserData, Custom Music and put it there. Then go to the options in game and enable Custom Music then hit save and your folder should play.

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