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So way back in the before times; the long long ago... in the year 2000 Blizzard released an awesome little gem known as Diablo 2.


I remember picking it up and and being like... holy shit! This is fucking awesome! Demons! Free 8 player online play! Character customization! Phat loot! Playable werewolves! Fuck yea I'm in! And have been in love with the game ever since.

Diablo 2 for me is one of those games that I can never fully escape. Every few years I like to come back to it and build a character or two up from rags to riches in the eternal quest for better pants. Once again I find myself trapped in this cycle of wanting to play it again and so I'm curious~

Does anyone else still play this?

Its an ancient game but its so much fun playing with a group of people. If there's any interest i think it would be pretty cool to get some forum people together to make a party and play through the game. Maybe give hardcore characters a go?

Anyone else have a nostalgia boner for this game or this series in general?

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I've put a gruesome number of hours into the Diablo series, starting with Diablo 1. Lately I've been going back to Diablo 3 and Grim Dawn instead of D2, just because I've put way less hours into either of them and both are now actually complete games.

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