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Osrik's Abominations


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So, I figure that inflicting my art upon you people might motivate me to work on art more often (though I think I will start to try working more with digital art programs in the future), so here is a sampling of the ungodly things I have created recently.

Without further adieu, I present a small sampling of my artwork, transmitted to the digital realm using the art of photography (my scanner doesn't seem to like me...)


An attempt at my birdsona, somehow his outfit went from Renaissance noble to western banker while I was drawing him...


I'm not actually sure what this thing is, I merged a number of animals to create a race for a setting I was making (his eyes seem to plead with me to end his unholy existence...)


Not a manimal, but probably the best of my recent work.

That's it for now, the rest are even more unfit to see the light of day, and hopefully never will. (I may do requests in the future, as that would further help with motivation and subject matters...).

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I don't feel like it's very fair that you haven't received any reply or helpful instruction in over a month.

I think your raven is the best drawing you have posted. Before you post more drawings, may I suggest that you use a white-balance to make the images clearer?

You can add a white balance to your images by downloading the free image manipulation software GIMP or 'GNU image manipulation program'.

In GIMP you can then use the eye dropped tools to set the background of your images to white, which will make the drawings easier to view.

I used the same process to white-balance the illustration which I am using as my avatar, so if you struggle to perform a white-balance I can help you with the appropriate steps.


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