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Oton X: AI Controlled Game Console


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The Oton X is supposed to be a new game console that has an AI create video games, thus giving you an infinite set of video games to play. To quote the Kickstarter page:


The OTON algorithm allow games to be created around new environments, game challenges, goals and characters. The OTON characters play a pivotal role in gameplay and level design. You can have OTON create levels around character’s abilities, speed and special powers. Your OTON created game levels can be simple or complex based on the challenge you the game player wish to experience in the game. OTON can produce over 1 million distinctive game levels with us adding over 300 unique playable game characters over the course of the year. As we update the algorithm and platform players can expect hours of fun and excitement for years to come with OTON. With OTON, you the “gamer” are in control of your own gaming experience.

Basically, its procedurally generated video games.


Unlimited possibilities

I've seen this somewhere before.....


kid destiny.jpg


oton x service.jpg

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