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Rave: physics internship


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I recently finished an internship for a physics department a week ago.

I spent a lot of effort on the improvement of my coding skills and was given the privilege of access to the output-data of SPHINX, the next generation of climate model.

I got the opportunity to learn more about climatology and meteorology and to actually see how scientific establishments work.

I'm not sure whether I will want to pursue that line of work, because the salary is small for the required level of qualification and competition for placements is intense, but I feel good that I worked with people who make important theoretical contributions and whose research might improve our future resilience to climate change; that has always been an ambition of mine.

...Now, the important bit, it was a paid internship and I do now have enough set aside to think about purchasing a fursuit, something I've wanted since I was 13. Shame I have no fursona though!

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5 minutes ago, Feelwell the Rabbit said:

Congratulations Saxon! I'm glad it went so well. 

Be careful when buying a fursuit, should probably get some recommendations and such.

I was thinking about Mixed Candy or Mischief Makers. Jill costumes would be very desirable, since the heads are machine washable, but they are also incredibly expensive.

There's still a good chance I'll be too timid to buy anything. When I make money I almost always put it into savings for the future...but you know, what good is it always saving for the future if you don't live when you're young?

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