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Rave: No stress or immediate obligations


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Its sometimes easy to forget what its like to be stress free.

With the week over, I have no difficult homework assignments to worry about and Fall Break starts next week for me on Wednesday. Before that, there are no tests or any serious obligations I need to worry about. Its a strange feeling. Its like a great load has been lifted, and I'm free to not worry about anything. Not even grades are something I need to worry too much about, as I'm doing fine in most of my classes. I often find myself feeling awful and constantly worrying when I make bad grades. The last major test I had I wound up making a 95 on. In that same class, the only other test I've had before that one I made a 100 on. I'm retaking that class and made a D as an overall grade the first time I took it, so this time I've pretty much secured a good overall grade. It feels strange being able to relax. I had been worrying about something for weeks now.

Earlier today after eating dinner I walked by a large field full of grass and just lied down in the grass. I let myself bathe in the sun for a little, eyes closed, taking in the pleasant scentĀ of the cut grass and comfortable temperature in the air. Today was a beautiful day. The temperature was just right. Neither cold nor hot. There was a slight breeze and the sky was bright blue and as clear as can be. It was comfortable just lying down in the grass. The feeling of being able to do that and not worry about a thing, its so wondrously simple, but its such an incredibly happy feeling.

I can't say that there's anything super specific that I want to rave about. I just feel really good and stress-free for a change, and I wanted to share. Its not often I feel this way.

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