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I love painting


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Painting minis. It can be slow and tedious, but it gives me a focus I don;t find in many other places and the end result is almost always something I'm happy with. Taking the time to make sure they look good means it can be slow going at times, but the new paint range gw has makes it easier than it used to be, so there's a good balance not too easy and not too hard. In the last few months, I've only made two major purchases from gw and they've kept me busy in the time since. Dedicating time to having these finished before I add to the collection also keeps the hobby so much more affordable than if I spent like I used to. XP


These four aren't finished yet, but I do like these variants much more than the standard genestealer kit.

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Those look pretty nice. I've never tried to paint minis myself but I enjoy looking at them.

When I could afford it I used to paint landscapes and portraits on canvas, mostly with acrylics and water colors. But that shit is expensive so I switched to digital art. I really love drawing with my tablet but there's something really soothing about the way brush bristles scratch a textured surface. I enjoy the process of drawing, it's almost therapeutic. I also like the sense of purpose that comes with spending time on a hobby, like just having an interest and taking a little time to work on it does wonders for my mood and sometimes even my self-esteem. I get excited when I figure out how to do something new with lighting or find a trick that drastically improves the quality of my work. It's an eternal learning process and sometimes while making a drawing I'll just let my mind wander and brainstorm new ideas. Even when it's kind of frustrating or not turning out well art is always a source of enjoyment for me. Keep enjoying your hobby, something like that can go a long way for improving your mental state. 

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4 hours ago, Enigma said:

But I love the detail in figures. Playing DnD with friends its always so cool to see their customized characters.

I love customizing these things as well sometimes. At one point I bought three kits and used the parts to convert a single model for a competition. I placed second. It was bittersweet.

4 hours ago, Red Lion said:

Keep enjoying your hobby, something like that can go a long way for improving your mental state.

This along with drawing and writing are my top creative outlets. There's no way I'd give up any of them.

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