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Jerry's sketchbook


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Title's self-explanatory LOL. Some sketches from my sketchbook!

I worked a fair bit on body proportions lately. Of course it boils down to starting with simple forms. But there are may ways to do it, and I'm slowly figuring out which method works best for me. The hands in particular are my black beast. But it'll only change if I force myself to find a way to overcome my lack of skills. In the case of hands I sketched something with a challenging hands position


Not amazing-looking. But it's the best hands I drew in ages, thanks to observation drawing!

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*Resurrecting antic thread*

Gave traditional tools another try recently.




I wish I could achieve more uniform flats. But otherwise it was really fun trying all sorts of things with my beloved coloured pencils. B|

No, I'm not obsessed with that darn costume.



OK, maybe a tad bit...

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